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Three Thoughts on the NHL’s Return to Play Plan, and the Jets

Gary Bettman outlined the NHL’s proposed return to play plan. There’s lots to ponder about the proposal, here are three things.

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The Universal Power of Sport

Do Sports Make You Cry?

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Is the NHL ready to return?

As the NHL appears close to announcing a return to play form, are they ready to return to play with public health at the forefront or are they trying to come back when the conditions are not right for sports yet?

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The Deafening Silence

The lack of prominent NHL voices supporting Akim Aliu after he wrote about how hockey is not for everyone says more than words can.

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Winnipeg: The Utimate Underdog

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The Latest

What if the Jets thought Nikolaj Ehlers was too small?

What if our worst nightmares came true?

What if Ondrej Pavelec was good?

What if...? week marches on.

What if Manitoba was not in a recession in 1996?

After ponder what would things have been like with a different owner in Atlanta, I present to you Winnipeg.

What if the Atlanta Spirit were good owners?

Like the Marvel show What If... we are asking what if some things were different in the team’s past.

Hockey Culture can be aided or abated by coverage

After another disgusting example of how toxic hockey culture is when it comes to male athletes, the media controlled the conversation.

Winnipeg Jets as Avengers

If the Winnipeg Jets were the Avengers, which ones would they be?

If Thanos Snapped the League: Cara

A writer who has been home since mid-March who has become pettier and pettier as time has gone on armed with a Marvel theme. This is my airing of grievances.

Stupid, Irresponsible, and Dumb

The Best Winnipeg Jets Jersey

They are arguably the best jerseys in hockey.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

The Winnipeg Jets Worst Jersey

In a week where I am being way too ambitious right now and will do multiple jersey posts.

The Best Team that Never Won

The 2018 Winnipeg Jets was one of the best in the league.

Dustin Byfuglien’s contract terminated

It was a mutually agreed termination.

Dylan Samberg Signs 3-Year Entry Level Contract!


NHL Uniform Change Wishlist

The changes I would make to the NHL’s uniforms if it was up to me.

Three Great Sports Movie Motivational Speeches

In a time that we need them the most

What song would you want each player to choose for a personal goal song?

Time to assign some songs to our favourite players.

Recap Brooklyn 99: The Takeback

Purely Speculative Guesses on Winnipeg Jets Players Other Athletic Abilities

Who are the strongest, fastest, toughest Jets? I randomly guess below.

So your off-spring is home from school

What to Watch: Brooklyn 99

While the NHL season is on pause, we will be running article about hockey-related things as well as television, books, games, some things to do with kids if they are home...

Mark Chipman said a very heartless thing

In a time of crisis, we should help each other.

The NHL and AHL have suspended the season

Game Recap: Hellebuyck Pulls Off a Heist in Edmonton; Potentially Steals a Playoff Spot Too

Connor Hellebuyck backstopped Winnipeg’s opportunistic goals to a massive, massive win over the Oilers.

The NHL Should Suspend the Season

Being proactive is always better then being reactive when it comes to health and safety.

GDT: Winnipeg Jets vs Edmonton Oilers

No players, no rosters, just nothing.

Preview: Winnipeg Jets vs Edmonton Oilers

The Jets look to contain Leon Draisaitl on the power play this time.

Game Recap: Winnipeg Wins a Thriller Against Arizona

This was a hard-fought, intense game all the way to the whistle. Winning makes it all the sweeter.

GDT: Winnipeg Jets vs Arizona Coyotes

Preview: Winnipeg Jets vs. Arizona Coyotes

It is (coughs) a key game for the Jets.

Is this enough?

Is the NHL doing enough for their female fans?

Game Recap: Winnipeg Blitzes the Knights Early, then they take a Breather

The Jets had a rock ‘em sock ‘em first period filled with Good Guy goals before stepping off the gas for the rest of the game.

GDT: Winnipeg Jets vs Vegas Golden Knights

The Jets fight for a playoff spot continues tonight versus the Golden Knights


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