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The Afterburners: Jets Upended by Devils


The Winnipeg Jets continue to ring in 2012 with losses, posting their fifth in six games - their most recent delivered by the New Jersey Devils. Winnipeg was off to a good start after being held...

The Afterburners: Jets Punched Out In Boston


There would be no bloodying of the champ's lip or blackening of his eye by the Winnipeg Jets tonight in Boston, MA. Instead, it was the defending champs who rained blow after blow on their...

NHL 2012 screenshots of Winnipeg Jets jerseys?


Ohhh man is True North going to be pissed if the NHL 2012 jerseys are legit (BTW - they kinda look sweet).

Should the Jets Take a Chance on Cam Barker?


BN consider a soon-to-be free agent, defenceman Cam Barker

Illegal Curve Looks at Comps for Blake Wheeler's Cost


Buckle up Jet Setters, we need to keep our eye on all these RFAs, UFAs, and bears. Especially the bears. This is a solid article from Richard Pollack over at Illegal Curve; incidentally, Illegal Curve has been coming out with a bunch of interesting articles concerning the Jets lately, so be sure to check them out. Also relevant: the chips are starting to fall. Per his Twitter feed @Astew22, Anthony Stewart won't be re-signed by Winnipeg. He becomes an unrestricted free agent. UPDATE: Looks like, according to a report from the Winnipeg Sun, Rob Schremp and Brett Festerling won't be coming back, either.

Our 2011 Winnipeg Jets Draft Picks


BN takes a look at the Winnipeg Jets' draft picks, one by one. I get a little cranky.

The Winnipeg Jets Select Mark Scheifele With the 7th Pick


BN takes a look at our 1st round pick, Mark Scheifele.



So yeah, run and tell dat. Oh, and I just noticed someone else already fan shotted it. But he didn't say "run and tell dat," a critical miscue.

Who We Be, Winnipeg HC? --- Defencemen


The final Who We Be looks at Winnipeg's defencemen, concluding that Buff could tuck Toby into the front of his breezers as a mama kangaroo would a baby joey.

Who We Be, Winnipeg HC? --- Non-ELC Prospects


BN takes a look a bit deeper into the Winnipeg system, at players who have yet to get their ELCs. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

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