November Winnipeg Jets Prospects Tracker: AHL and European Edition

Sara D. Davis

Another look at prospects all around the world: AHL, ECHL, Swede SuperElite and KHL!

Time to take a quick look at how the Winnipeg Jets prospects are doing since our last edition.

October Prospect Trackers: CHL NCAA AHL and Europe


* The statistics separated by month are by which article they fall into rather than the date of the game.

* The point production rates have been reduced to just their pro-careers for simplification, but check out October's edition if you want to see their production in junior or college.

* Also, be sure to check out Terrel's once-a-week prospect update, highlighting a few prospects at a time with much greater depth.


2004 7th Round (Washington, Acquired as 2013 UFA): RW Andrew Gordon; 21 GP, 7G, 6A, 13PTS, +3, 15 PIM, 49 SOG

Month GP G A PTS +/- PIM SOG
October 10 5 3 8 +0 10 24
November 11 2 3 5 +3 5 25

Gordon's goal scoring has slowed down a bit, but it was never expected for him to sustain a goal every five shots. Gordon has consistently played with Jason Jaffray on one of the two the top lines.

Undrafted, 2005 Eligible (Acquired: 2013 RFA): RW Jerome Samson; 14GP, 7G, 5A, 12PTS, +1, 6 PIM, 38 SOG

Month GP G A PTS +/- PIM SOG
October 5 2 3 5 +2 4 15
November 9 5 2 7 -1 2 23

Samson has returned from injury and picked up pretty much where he left off. With seven less games, Samson has nearly identical production as Gordon. This is even more impressive with Samson being off the IceCaps top6 since he returned from injury. The IceCaps spread out some of their veteran depth and placed Samson on the third line with Lowry, initially due to Cormier being called up to the Jets.

2007 6th Round: C John Albert; 10GP, 2G, 2A, 4PTS, +2, 2 PIM, 11 SOG

Month GP G A PTS +/- PIM SOG
October 10 2 2 4 +2 2 11
November 11 1 3 4 -1 2 24

Albert started the season centring the energy fourth line, but has moved up to centre the Jaffray line as the IceCaps moved Samson to the Lowry line. This has caused an increase in even strength icetime although he is still being used more-so on the penalty kill units than the power play. His point production has not increased with the added minutes but his shots on goal has, so expect to see more points if this persists.

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 7 AHL 0.143 0.238 0.381
2012-13 6 AHL 0.125 0.083 0.208
2011-12 5 AHL 0.141 0.281 0.422

2008 7th Round (2007 Eligible): RD Zach Redmond; 0GP (Injured)

Month GP G A PTS +/- PIM SOG
October 0 0 0 0 +0 0 0
November 3 2 0 2 +1 4 14

Redmond has only seen limited games in the AHL. He was injured for the start of the season, recovered, played two games, got pulled up to the Jets for a while, sent back down and got injured partway through his third game. His offensive skills though is very evident, with his ridiculous 14 shots on goal as a defensemen with only eight periods of play. That's nearly two shots on goal per a period!

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 7 AHL 0.667 0.000 0.667
2012-13 6 AHL 0.211 0.289 0.500
2011-12 5 AHL 0.111 0.319 0.431

2008 2nd Round (Anaheim, Acquired: 2009 Trade): C Eric O`Dell; 10GP, 5G, 4A, 9PTS, -1, 10 PIM, 33 SOG

Month GP G A PTS +/- PIM SOG
October 10 5 4 9 -1 10 33
November 10 5 7 12 -7 6 33

Talk about sustainability of shooting percentage! O`Dell is leading the IceCaps in goals, points and points per game. O`Dell has sustained a +15% shooting percentage throughout his pro-hockey career, so expect this pace of greater than point per game to maintain its course. Check out Terrel's article focusing on O`Dell and a few other Jets prospects for more details.

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 6 AHL 0.500 0.550 1.050
2012-13 5 AHL 0.492 0.441 0.932
2011-12 4 AHL 0.308 0.256 0.564

2008 2nd Round (New Jersey, Acquired: 2010 Trade): C Patrice Cormier; 15GP, 3G, 5A, 7PTS, -3, 35 PIM, 28 SOG

Month GP G A PTS +/- PIM SOG
October 4 0 1 1 -1 13 14
November 11 3 4 7 -2 22 14

After returning from his short stint on the Jets, Cormier has moved from being Lowry's winger on the third line into the top6 with O`Dell and Kael Mouillierat. He plays the dirty role for the line, forcing himself into the corners and infront of the net. His point production has surged with the extra minutes although his shot production has actually dropped. He tends to play as a bit of a pest and on the edge but his penalty minutes are not helping the team much. This is both O`Dell's and Cormier's final seasons being free of waivers.

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 6 AHL 0.200 0.333 0.533
2012-13 5 AHL 0.200 0.114 0.314
2011-12 4 AHL 0.321 0.268 0.589
2010-11 3 AHL 0.182 0.273 0.455

Undrafted, 2008 Eligible (Acquired: 2013 RFA): G Juho Olkinuora; 4 GP, 119 SA, 0.874 SV%, 1-2-1

October 2 64 0.828 0 2 0
November 2 55 0.927 1 0 1

A much better month for Olkinuora. It's interesting that we see the young new signee playing minimal games in the AHL while the more pro-experienced goaltender Hutchinson is playing in the ECHL. True North must have their reasons for limiting the amount of icetime for the young Finnish netminder in his first year of pro, although I'm not sure why.

2009 2nd Round: LW Carl Klingberg; 17GP, 3G, 4A, 7PTS, +2, 10PIM, 34 SOG

9 3 2 5 +3 6 19
8 0 2 2 -1 4 15

After spending some time in the top6, Samson's return to health and Cormier's return from the Jets have led to Klingberg falling to the fourth line. He is still producing an impressive level of shots on goal relative to his icetime. He seems to be a figure of controversy in St. John's, and it is questionable how much is warranted. It seems to be mostly due to the streakiness of his scoring.

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 5 AHL 0.176 0.235 0.412
2012-13 4 AHL 0.167 0.182 0.348
2011-12 3 AHL 0.227 0.333 0.561

2009 4th Round: G Eddie Pasquale; 17 GP, 506 SA, 0.921 SV%. 9-7-1

October 8 268 0.925 4 4 0
November 9 238 0.916 5 3 1

For both months, Pasquale has performed better than his previous two seasons. His win% is not as solid as his first season, with the IceCaps not nearly as dominant as they were in 2011-12. This is very encouraging for Jets fans and Pasquale's development after a set back season last year. Although the translation of AHL to NHL save percentage is very, very weak in predictiveness, it should be noted that Ondrej Pavelec's best AHL save percentage was 0.914.

Year Rel Draft Level GP SA SV%
2013-14 5 AHL 17 506 0.921
2012-13 4 AHL 43 1223 0.907
2011-12 3 AHL 38 981 0.911

2009 4th Round: LD Ben Chiarot; 17GP, 2G, 6A, 8PTS, +0, 17 PIM, 35 SOG

Month GP G A PTS +/- PIM SOG
October 9 2 3 5 +6 14 16
November 8 0 3 3 --6 3 19

Chiarot has benefited from the IceCaps loss of Derek Meech, Paul Postma and (temporarily) Redmond. He has seen a lot more offensive minutes, predominately being paired with Kichton on the top line and seeing some power play usage. He was scratched in the last IceCaps game although I'm not sure whether it was for injury or he was a healthy scratch. Hopefully IceCaps are not making decisions based solely on +/-, as the statistic is extremely weak at best, although we've seen the parent club stake claim to +/- being involved in decision making.

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 5 AHL 0.118 0.353 0.471
2012-13 4 AHL 0.016 0.180 0.197
2011-12 3 ECHL 0.250 0.292 0.542

2010 3rd Round: LD Julian Melchiori; 15GP, 0G, 5A, 5PTS, +4, 14 PIM, 20 SOG

Month GP G A PTS +/- PIM SOG
October 10 0 1 1 +1 14 16
November 5 0 4 4 +3 0 4

Melchiori has been near a point per game player for the month of November, although he has spent most of his time in the Winnipeg Jets pressbox with call up duty. Melchiori has progressed well offensively thus far given that he is a year in development behind Chiarot and Sol, although Melchiori is from the same year as a late birthday. He seems to be producing offensively while playing a more defensive role, which is a good sign.

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 4 AHL 0.000 0.333 0.333
2012-13 3 AHL 0.019 0.135 0.154

2010 4th Round: LW Ivan Telegin; 0GP (MIA)

Telegin still has yet to play anywhere. There was a rumour a few weeks ago that TNSE had given Telegin approval to play in the KHL but he has yet to play a game so these seem unfounded. CSKA did trade for Telegin's KHL rights. Telegin is still under his Jets entry level contract for another season after this year, so he is unable to play anywhere professionally unless True North gives permission to loan him out. This is an unfortunate circumstance as Telegin was a good player with upside and the Jets most successful graduated CHL prospect (Mark Scheifele being #1).

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 4 ?

2012-13 3 AHL 0.088 0.206 0.294

2013: 7th Round (2010 Eligible): RD Brenden Kichton; 21GP, 4G, 12A, 16PTS, +4, 4 PIM, 41 SOG

Month GP G A PTS +/- PIM SOG
October 10 2 6 8 +4 2 25
November 11 2 6 8 +0 2 16

Kichton's shot production has dropped, but his shooting percentage has made up for the loss. Kichton currently sits 5th in defensive scoring, and is the highest of the three rookies in the top 10 (the other two being Cody Ceci and Ryan Sproul). Kichton is also the eighth highest scorer for all rookies in the AHL. His goal, assist and point production per game relative to age is about the same as Paul Postma at the same age.

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 4 AHL 0.190 0.571 0.762

2013 3rd Round (2011 Eligible): RW J.C. Lipon; 10GP, 2G, 2A, 4PTS, -6, 4 PIM, 11 SOG

Month GP G A PTS +/- PIM SOG
October 10 2 2 4 -6 4 11
November 8 1 2 3 +0 22 11

Lipon was recently suspended for a high-hit, which is why his penalty minutes jumped severely this month. Lipon has bounced between the top three lines and has seen some power play time. His production has fairly steady the past two months. We don't have many Jets comparables for Lipon. Both O`Dell and Albert joined the AHL past their Draft+3 season and Klingberg has yet to repeat his own success for that year.

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 3 AHL 0.167 0.222 0.389

2011 3rd Round: C Adam Lowry; 4GP, 1G, 2A 3PTS, -3, 2 PIM, 11 SOG

Month GP G A PTS +/- PIM SOG
October 4 1 2 3 -3 2 11
November 9 0 0 0 -1 13 8

Lowry has had some struggles after early success. He has been a mainstay as the pivot on the third line. Lowry was injured after his fourth game and hasn't returned to his success prior to then. His shot production has fallen dramatically which indicates it's more play related than chance. This is only Lowry's second season as a centre, so he may be experience problems with transitioning to the pro-level without being able to out-muscle his opponents like in junior.

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 3 AHL 0.077 0.154 0.231

2011 5th Round: RW Austen Brassard; 5GP, 1G, 0A, 1PT, 0, 0 PIM, 7 SOG

Month GP G A PTS +/- PIM SOG
October 5 1 0 1 +0 0 7
November 1 0 0 0 +0 0 2

It has been a slow month for Brassard. It's quite surprising that TNSE has yet to move Brassard to the ECHL or back to the OHL, since he isn't seeing anything but the pressbox. His shot production isn't that bad, especially considering he's only played on the fourth line, although it hasn't turned into points.

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 3 AHL 0.167 0.000 0.167


2008 3rd Round (Boston, Acquired: 2013 RFA): G Michael Hutchinson; 12GP, 321 SA, 0.938 SV%, 9-1-2

October 2 51 0.922 1 0 1
November 10 270 0.941 8 1 1

Hutchinson has played excellent in the ECHL, and currently he is 4th in save percentage for the league. He has statistically out performed Pasquale nearly every season of his career and is a proven AHL goaltender. Add in Olkinuora's lack of games in the AHL and TNSE decision to place the goaltenders where they are is fairly interesting.

Year Rel Draft Level GP SA SV%
2013-14 6 ECHL 12 321 0.938
2012-13 5 AHL 30 778 0.914
2011-12 4 AHL 29 909 0.927
2010-11 3 AHL 28 751 0.963

2009 5th Round: LD Cody Sol; 17GP, 0G, 1A, 1PTS, -2, 39 PIM, 23 SOG

Month GP G A PTS +/- PIM SOG
October 4 0 0 0 -2 22 10
November 13 0 1 1 +0 17 13

Sol's production has dropped severely from the year prior, but it seems that this is predominately due to shooting percentages. His shot production has dropped a bit from last month, but he is still averaging nearly a shot per game more than his last season in the ECHL. This is Sol's final year in his entry level contract and his third season being cut from the AHL. It is probably unlikely he receives a NHL contract in the summer unless there are some dramatic changes.

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 5 ECHL 0.000 0.059 0.059
2012-13 4 ECHL 0.200 0.120 0.320

2010 5th Round: RW Yasin Cisse; 4GP, 1 G, 0 A, 1PTS, +1, 6 PIM, 4 SOG

Month GP G A PTS +/- PIM SOG
October 4 1 0 1 +1 6 4
November 5 1 0 1 +0 11 8

Cisse has increased his shot production but still has yet to produce at significant levels. He is a protected Jets prospect until the end of the year, although he is not under a NHL contract. It is probably unlikely that he receives a NHL contract with Kosmachuk, Olsen and (maybe) Sutter likely graduating to the pro level and both Lipon and Lowry being long shots to graduate to the NHL.

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 4 ECHL 0.222 0.000 0.222

Additional Notes: Prospect camp invitee RD Zach Bell had been playing for the Ontario Reign (14GP, 0G, 2A) under IceCaps AHL contract but has been reassigned to the OHL for the London Knights (2GP, 0G, 0A). LD Patrick Cullity is under IceCaps control and has been assigned to the the ECHL Idaho Stealheads (17GP, 2G, 6A). Jason Jaffray (21GP, 6G, 8A) and Kael Mouillierat (21GP, 5G, 13A) have been playing well for the IceCaps in top 6 positions. These players are all NHL UFAs and under no Winnipeg Jets protection.


2006 7th Round: LD Arturs Kulda; 11GP, 1G, 1A, 2PTS, +6, 10 PIM, 18 SOG, 21:54 Avg TOI

Month GP G A PTS +/- PIM SOG
October 11 1 1 2 +6 10 18
November 9 0 2 2 +2 18 11

Kulda has become the undisputed #1 defensemen for Salavat Yulev, receiving more ice time per game than anyone on his team, including some recognizable names like Andrei Zubarev, Brent Sopel and Anton Babchuk. Kulda's point production is low but apparently he is apparently being deployed in predominately a defensive role. His shot production is similar to previous year but his shooting percentage has dropped severely.

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 7 KHL 0.050 0.150 0.200
2012-13 6 KHL 0.180 0.120 0.300
2011-12 5 AHL 0.095 0.222 0.317
2010-11 4 AHL 0.072 0.174 0.246
2009-10 3 AHL 0.091 0.288 0.379

2010 1st Round: C Alexander Burmistrov; 22GP, 5G, 14A, 19PTS, +7, 14 PIM, 53 SOG, 17:31 Avg TOI, 56.2%

Last month we already mentioned why Burmistrov is included here. Now we will simply concentrate his development.

Month GP G A PTS +/- PIM SOG
October 22 5 14 19 +7 14 53
November 10 2 4 6 +0 4 20

Burmistrov's production has dropped a bit, although his goal scoring has maintained its pace. He currently is tied for eighth in KHL power play goals and sixteenth in points. He is considered a bubble player for the Russian olympic team. If he makes, it he will likely be on the third line. He played for the under performing Team Russia in the European Hockey Tournament (used in part as tryouts for the Russian Olympic team much like the Subway Super Series for the Canadian WJC squad) where he had one assist in six games. Only six forwards played in all six games and of those six only two had more than one point (Varnakov had four and Tikhonov had two).

2013 7th Round: RD Marcus Karlstrom; 22 GP, 7G, 10A, 17PTS, +3, 12 PIM, 35 SOG

Month GP G A PTS +/- PIM
October 15 7 7 14 -5 10
November 7 0 3 3 +8 2

Karlstrom's point production has taken a nose dive while AIK has fallen under the playoffs threshold. AIK has outshot it's opponents 745 to 694 but has suffered from the second lowest save percentage in the league. He still leads his team in points and the league in defensive goals, but has fallen to 6th in league for points. AIK's parent SHL team has fallen under the relegation line, which makes it unlikely Karlstrom will be pulled up anytime soon.

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 1 U20 SuperElite 0.318 0.455 0.773
2012-13 0 U18 Elite 0.467 1.000 1.467

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