October Winnipeg Jets Prospects Tracker: AHL and European Edition


New year and a new set of prospects to track all around the world: AHL, ECHL, SuperElite and KHL!

Once a month we'll look at how Winnipeg Jets prospects are doing.


*Some of these guys are not really prospects but depth players under contract, but I wanted to keep things as simple as possible. Also, keep in mind that the normal AHL to NHL points per game translation is about 50%, although it dips lower at the higher points per game.

2004 7th Round (Washington, Acquired as 2013 UFA): RW Andrew Gordon; 10 GP, 5G, 3A, 8PTS, +0, 10 PIM, 24 SOG

With Adam Pardy up in the NHL, Gordon becomes the lone NHL UFA signed player on the IceCaps. Although he is listed normally as a RW he has been centring one of the IceCaps top two lines, predominately between Jerome Samson and Jason Jaffray. His eight points places him in a four way tie for second on the Icecaps, while his 5 goals is tied with O`Dell for first and 24 SOG are 3rd.

Undrafted, 2005 Eligible (Acquired: 2013 RFA): RW Jerome Samson; 5GP, 2G, 3A, 5PTS, +2, 4 PIM, 15 SOG

Before Samson was injured he was leading the IceCaps in points and he remains in the lead for points per game. The Jaffray-Gordon-Samson line appears to be an intentional construction to keep the IceCaps competitive while balancing development for the Jets prospects.

2007 6th Round: C John Albert; 10GP, 2G, 2A, 4PTS, +2, 2 PIM, 11 SOG

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 7 AHL 0.200 0.200 0.400
2012-13 6 AHL 0.125 0.083 0.208
2011-12 5 AHL 0.141 0.281 0.422
2010-11 4 NCAA 0.324 0.595 0.919
2009-10 3 NCAA 0.154 0.615 0.769
2008-09 2 NCAA 0.262 0.667 0.929
2007-08 1 NCAA 0.098 0.415 0.512
2006-07 0 USHL 0.188 0.438 0.625

Albert was signed this summer to an one year ELC after spending the last two in the organization on an AHL only contract. After a successful NCAA career, Albert has had difficulty becoming anything more than an AHL energy forward and solid penalty killer with some minimal offensive production.

2008 7th Round (2007 Eligible): RD Zach Redmond; 0GP (Injured)

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 7 AHL - - -
2012-13 6 AHL 0.211 0.289 0.500
2011-12 5 AHL 0.111 0.319 0.431
2010-11 4 NCAA 0.269 0.500 0.769
2009-10 3 NCAA 0.150 0.525 0.675
2008-09 2 NCAA 0.079 0.553 0.632
2007-08 1 NCAA 0.162 0.351 0.514
2006-07 0 USHL 0.133 0.517 0.650

Redmond has yet to play after sustaining an injury in the IceCaps training camp. He is expected to return to playing games within a week. With Jacob Trouba and Paul Postma injured, it is possible we may see Redmond back up in the NHL sooner than later. The defensemen has been a solid force in the AHL historically, and will likely be so this season if he is not called up.

2008 2nd Round (Anaheim, Acquired: 2009 Trade): C Eric O`Dell; 10GP, 5G, 4A, 9PTS, -1, 10 PIM, 33 SOG

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 6 AHL 0.556 0.444 1.000
2012-13 5 AHL 0.492 0.441 0.932
2011-12 4 AHL 0.308 0.256 0.564
2010-11 3 OHL 0.513 0.615 1.128
2009-10 2 OHL 0.485 0.515 1.000
2008-09 1 OHL 0.508 0.462 0.969
2007-08 0 OHL 0.676 0.971 1.647

O`Dell looks to lead the IceCaps once again in points. The crafty centre is pacing near point per game and is leading the team in goals and shots on goal. He has predominately sat in between AHL veterans Josh Lunden and Kael Mouillierat. There is no doubt from watching that O`Dell is the straw that stirs that lines drink and could earn a call-up this year and may make some noise in camp next season with him no longer being free of waivers.

2008 2nd Round (New Jersey, Acquired: 2010 Trade): C Patrice Cormier; 4GP, 0G, 1A, 1PT, -1, 13 PIM, 14 SOG

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 6 AHL 0.000 0.250 0.250
2012-13 5 AHL 0.200 0.114 0.314
2011-12 4 AHL 0.321 0.268 0.589
2010-11 3 AHL 0.182 0.273 0.455
2009-10 2 QMJHL 0.355 0.645 1.000
2008-09 1 QMJHL 0.426 0.519 0.944
2007-08 0 QMJHL 0.353 0.451 0.804

Cormier was playing on the third line with Lowry and Lipon until he was called up to the Jets. The line was a very effective 3rd line in getting the puck deep, forechecking, creating a cycle and the other basics of North/South hockey. Cormier was called up with injuries to Chris Thorburn and Jim Slater, but has since been sent back down. His lack of offense this season has not been due to a lack of chances. The clock is running out on Cormier, so he really needs to step up soon and prove himself.

Undrafted, 2008 Eligible (Acquired: 2013 RFA): G Juho Olkinuora; 2 GP, 64 SA, 0.828 SV%, 0-2-0

Year Rel Draft Level GP SA SV%
AHL 2 64 0.828
NCAA 24 770 0.927
NCAA 22 592 0.924
USHL 27 730 0.900
SM-Liiga 24
SM-Liiga 27
Major Midget 38

Olkinuora has had a rough start to his AHL career, surrendering eleven goals against in two games. As AIH author Terrel likes to say, "he is a battler" so expect a bounce back. Olkinuora has shown before that he can perform well, so it is likely a matter of time. Olkinuora beat Hutchinson for the backup job for the IceCaps and will be trying to work his way up the Jets goalie depth charts.

2009 2nd Round: LW Carl Klingberg; 9GP, 3G, 2A, 5PTS, +3, 6 PIM, 19 SOG

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 5 AHL 0.333 0.222 0.556
2012-13 4 AHL 0.167 0.182 0.348
2011-12 3 AHL 0.227 0.333 0.561
2010-11 2 SHL 0.128 0.077 0.205
2009-10 1 SHL 0.143 0.167 0.310
2008-09 0 Swe U20 0.371 0.371 0.743

This could possibly be make or break year for the Swedish winger. Klingberg was a healthy scratch for the first game of the season and then played on the 4th line for the next few games. When Lunden became injured, Klingberg was given the opportunity to move up and play with O`Dell and Mouillierat. Since playing in the top 6, Klingberg has amassed three goals and one assist in four games.

2009 4th Round: G Eddie Pasquale; 8 GP, 248 SA, 0.919 SV%. 4-4-0

Year Rel Draft Level GP SA SV%
2013-14 5 AHL 8 215 0.919
2012-13 4 AHL 43 1223 0.907
2011-12 3 AHL 38 981 0.911
2010-11 2 OHL 24 671 0.900
2009-10 1 OHL 51 1830 0.916
2008-09 0 OHL 61 1999 0.911

Pasquale has been performing adequately thus far this season. He has allowed 1, 1, 2, and 1 goals in his four wins, but has allowed 4, 3, 4, and 4 goals in his four loses. After a bit of a setback last season, Pasquale looks to be rounding back into form. The Jets organization may be grooming Pasquale for the back up position for early as next season.

2009 4th Round: LD Ben Chiarot; 9GP, 2G, 3A, 5PTS, +6, 8 PIM, 16 SOG

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 5 AHL 0.222 0.333 0.556
2012-13 4 AHL 0.016 0.180 0.197
2011-12 3 ECHL 0.250 0.292 0.542
2010-11 2 OHL 0.156 0.422 0.578
2009-10 1 OHL 0.119 0.194 0.313
2008-09 0 OHL 0.030 0.149 0.179

Chiarot had been near forgettable the last two seasons and didn't exactly impress in the Jets camp; however, he seems to have turned it on lately. He was given big minutes on the top pair with Kichton and has ran with it. Not only is he producing offensively but he seems better positionally both with and without the puck than years past. He's been called up with all the injuries to the Jets defensive core, and he's earned it with his play thus far.

2010 3rd Round: LD Julian Melchiori; 10GP, 0G, 0A, 0PTS, +1, 14 PIM, 16 SOG

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 4 AHL 0.000 0.000 0.000
2012-13 3 AHL 0.019 0.135 0.154
2011-12 2 OHL 0.033 0.557 0.590
2010-11 1 OHL 0.016 0.286 0.302
2009-10 0 OJHL 0.179 0.410 0.590

There is no way that Melchiori continues to be pointless if he's averaging this many shots per a game. He's putting as many pucks on the goalie as Chiarot but with five less points. The large mobile defensemen plays tough minutes for the IceCaps although he has seen a bit of power play time with injuries and call-ups to Redmond and Pardy.

2010 4th Round: LW Ivan Telegin; 0GP (MIA)

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 4 AHL

2012-13 3 AHL 0.088 0.206 0.294
2011-12 2 OHL 0.761 0.630 1.391
2010-11 1 OHL 0.339 0.695 1.034
2009-10 0 OJHL 0.510 0.353 0.863

After being cut from the Jets, Telegin went back to Russia. It has never been made public why and TNSE only stated that it was for personal matters. We do know that it's not to play in the KHL, as Telegin is under NHL contract for the next two seasons and therefore cannot play in any other league unless the Jets okay it.

2013: 7th Round (2010 Eligible): RD Brenden Kichton; 10GP, 2G, 6A, 8PTS, +4, 2 PIM, 25 SOG

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 4 AHL 0.200 0.600 0.800
2012-13 3 WHL 0.310 0.887 1.197
2011-12 2 WHL 0.239 0.803 1.042
2010-11 1 WHL 0.359 0.906 1.266
2009-10 0 WHL 0.057 0.214 0.271

How often is a rookie defensemen one point shy from team lead and 3rd in shots on goal? Well, Kichton said he wanted to prove the Islanders organization wrong and he is off to a great start. His points per game is nearly double that of Paul Postma at the same point in career and Zach Redmond at one year further in development. Now Kichton's percentages are probably pretty high now, but if he can keep his shot rates like this, we could be seeing Kichton near the top in defensive scoring.

2013 3rd Round (2011 Eligible): RW J.C. Lipon; 10GP, 2G, 2A, 4PTS, -6, 4 PIM, 11 SOG

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 3 AHL 0.200 0.200 0.400
2012-13 2 WHL 0.590 0.869 1.459
2011-12 1 WHL 0.275 0.667 0.942
2010-11 0 WHL 0.046 0.277 0.323

Lipon started the season on the third line with fellow rookie Lowry, but was moved up to the Jaffray-Gordon line once Samson was injured. Lipon has also seen power play time, as McCambridge is trying to take advantage of Lipon's playmaking abilities at the half-boards. While being just under a point every two games isn't record breaking, his play has been solid enough to award him a promotion into the top six.

2011 3rd Round: C Adam Lowry; 4GP, 1G, 2A 3PTS, -3, 2 PIM, 11 SOG

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 3 AHL 0.250 0.500 0.750
2012-13 2 WHL 0.625 0.597 1.222
2011-12 1 WHL 0.333 0.694 1.028
2010-11 0 WHL 0.273 0.409 0.682

Lowry started the season on the third line, centring Cormier and Lipon. He picked up a point in every game except one and has placed at least two shots on goal each game. Give his his ice time being predominately limited to the third line and penalty kill, these accomplishments are pretty good for a rookie. Lowry has become a fan favourite fast, as he seems always involved in the play, checks hard and has great understanding of both positional and system play for his age. He was injured though after four games, but is expected to return in the next game or two.

2011 5th Round: RW Austen Brassard; 5GP, 1G, 0A, 1PT, 0, 0 PIM, 7 SOG

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 3 AHL 0.200 0.000 0.200
2012-13 2 OHL 0.226 0.306 0.532
2011-12 1 OHL 0.422 0.375 0.797
2010-11 0 OHL 0.284 0.224 0.507

Austen started off as a healthy scratch, but injuries to wingers Samson and Lunden have opened a regular roster spot. Brassard has seen limited ice time, predominately being used in even strength minutes only and mostly on the 4th line. He scored his very first pro-level goal on his first shot, which not many players can say. He has been left off the scoresheet for the most part, but hasn't gone a game without placing a shot on goal.


2008 3rd Round (Boston, Acquired: 2013 RFA): G Michael Hutchinson; 2GP, 51SA, 0.922 SV%, 1-0-1

Year Rel Draft Level GP SA SV%
2013-14 6 ECHL 2 51 0.922
2012-13 5 AHL 30 778 0.914
2011-12 4 AHL 29 909 0.927
2010-11 3 AHL 28 751 0.963
2009-10 2 OHL 46 1466 0.913
2008-09 1 OHL 38 1265 0.915
2007-08 0 OHL 32 1042 0.912

It was a bit of a surprise when Hutchinson was sent down to the ECHL. The tender has already proven that he is a capable AHL goaltender and has already fared far above average in the ECHL. In fact, look at Hutchinson's statistics for each year and compare them to Pasquale - Hutch comes out as a clear winner. Regardless, Hutchinson accepted the ECHL assignment even though he could have asked to be loaned to another AHL team, as he is not on an entry level contract. Hutchinson's first game in the ECHL was a shutout win and in his second start he let in four goals but the team still went all the way to the shootout.

2009 5th Round: LD Cody Sol; 4GP, 0G, 0A, 0PTS, -2, 22 PIM, 10 SOG

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 5 ECHL 0.000 0.000 0.000
2012-13 4 ECHL 0.200 0.120 0.320
2011-12 3 OHL 0.242 0.371 0.613
2010-11 2 OHL 0.067 0.200 0.267
2009-10 1 OHL 0.127 0.145 0.273
2008-09 0 OHL 0.015 0.091 0.106

For the third year in a row Sol has been cut from the IceCaps, being beaten by draft classmate Chiarot and 2010 draftee Melchiori. Sol was sent back the the OHL for his overage season the first year and has started in ECHL in each of the last two. The 6'5 blue liner seems to be stuck as an ECHL/AHL tweener, with two superior LD above him in the prospect depth chart. Rather large questions remain about his reaction speed and ability to think the game. Whether or not he will be able to take the next step is in doubt. Sol is on the his last year of his contract, and it is possible that will not see him extended.

2010 5th Round: RW Yasin Cisse; 4GP, 1 G, 0 A, 1PTS, +1, 6 PIM, 4 SOG

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 4 ECHL 0.250 0.000 0.250
2012-13 3 QMJHL 0.296 0.593 0.889
2011-12 2 NCAA 0.077 0.115 0.192
2010-11 1 NCAA - - -
2009-10 0 USHL 0.722 0.333 1.056

Cisse left the NCAA after not feeling like he was getting the ice time he earned over at Boston University. He played in the QMJHL last season and is currently playing in the ECHL under an IceCaps AHL contract. His NHL rights are owned by the Jets organization until June 1, 2014. So, he has one year to prove whether or not Cheveldayoff should sign him a contract. Cisse was once considered a potential sleeper pick in the Jets prospect pool. He has one game winning goal thus far in a game where he placed three shots on net.

Additional Notes: Prospect camp invitee RD Zach Bell (4GP, 0G, 0A) has been playing for the Ontario Reign but is under IceCaps AHL contracts. LD Patrick Cullity (4GP, 0G, 0A) is also under IceCaps control and has been assigned to the the ECHL Idaho Stealheads. All three are NHL UFAs and under no NHL protection.


2006 7th Round: LD Arturs Kulda; 11GP, 1G, 1A, 2PTS, +6, 10 PIM, 18 SOG, 21:59 Avg TOI

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 7 KHL 0.100 0.100 0.200
2012-13 6 KHL 0.180 0.120 0.300
2011-12 5 AHL 0.095 0.222 0.317
2010-11 4 AHL 0.072 0.174 0.246
2009-10 3 AHL 0.091 0.288 0.379
2008-09 2 OHL 0.018 0.246 0.263
2007-08 1 OHL 0.127 0.491 0.618
2006-07 0 Russia3 0.075 0.225 0.300

Kulda is once again playing in the KHL and with some familiar faces: Brent Sopel, Anton Babchuk, Andrei Zubarev, and Ivan Vishnevsky. He leads the team's defense core in average TOI and plus/minus. The steady defender was used last season under tough minutes and is likely seeing similar usage this year. Do not be surprised if Kulda comes back over the Atlantic once the KHL season ends, similarly to last season.

2010 1st Round: C Alexander Burmistrov; 22GP, 5G, 14A, 19PTS, +7, 14 PIM, 53 SOG, 17:31 Avg TOI, 56.2%

You knew this was coming.

Burmistrov has done well thus far in the KHL. Thus far he is leading his team in points and is 20th in the entire league for scoring. His 9.4 Sh% is sustainable level --as is his linemates-- and much of his production comes from even strength, so we can assume that Burmistrov's stats aren't inflated by much luck if any. Keep in mind this is the premier league outside of the NHL.

Some have scoffed at Burmistrov's success, pointing out at failed NHL players who are scoring in the KHL. The problem that many of these players (ex: Tim Stapleton) never had a problem with offensive skill, but with the other aspects of the North American game style, Burmistrov never had that problem.

Others have said we shouldn't care about how he is doing because he left. Well so did Kulda, twice. The real reason though is Burmistrov's NHL rights remains Jets property and as Kevin Cheveldayoff himself said:

He remains a very talented player within the Jets organization and we will continue to monitor his progress and development going forward"

I didn't really want to get into this, but I'm sure if I hadn't, someone would have mentioned one of those two things above. Hopefully for the rest of the updates I can just mention how he is doing.

2013 7th Round: RD Marcus Karlstrom; 15GP, 7G, 7A, 14PTS, -5, 10 PIM

Year Rel Draft Level G/GP A/GP Pts/GP
2013-14 1 U20 SuperElite 0.467 0.467 0.933
2012-13 0 U18 Elite 0.467 1.000 1.467

Karlström has had a strong rookie season for his junior squad. For his team he is third in both goals and points and first for defensemen in each category. In his division Karlstrom is tied for twelfth for goals and is seventeenth in points overall and is first and second in each category for defensemen. Over the entire league Karlstrom is tied for second in defensive points, with two less games than the player he shares 14 points with. AIK has been outshooting it's opponents 499-475, but currently the team holds the league's lowest save percentage, at 0.842. Karlstrom may earn himself a callup to the struggling AIK SHL team, which is currently 4-5-8. Should be noted that the former manager of the junior AIK squad was a new addition last year to the Jets' scouting organization, and likely was the one who vouched for Karlstrom at the draft.

Let us know who has impressed you!

EDIT: Added in larger Cisse profile as his rights are still owned by Jets.

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