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Frequently Asked Questions about Statistical Analysis in the NHL

I didn't originally mean for this to be a 10-part series; it just turned out that way. In an effort to highlight some of the most significant advanced statistics in hockey, I've put together a series of answers to frequently asked questions. Like any list of so-called "important" things, it's highly biased! I've tried to highlight interest pieces people have written on these topics, but there's no doubt I've left out many salient points.

Without further ado, here's the list:

Part 1 – Plus/Minus statistics

Part 2 – Quality of Competition

Part 3 – Corsi Number

Part 4 – Zone Starts (or Offensive/Defensive Zone Faceoff Ratio)

Part 5 – Penalty +/-

Part 6 – Shot Distance

Part 7 – Goals and Points per 60 Minutes

Part 8 – Scoring Chances

Part 9 – Quality of Teammates

Part 10 – Wins Above Replacement

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