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Enemy Made: Stu Hackel

Stu Hackel, aka the biggest hack you've never heard of, wrote an incredibly dumb piece in SI that showed him to be completely unaware of the stats recorded at and then asked the NHL to collect the same stats. I noted the apparent cognitive dissonance and someone forwarded Stu my post. Stu's response:

"The joke's on you.

Did I say these stats weren't being tracked anywhere in the world? No, I wrote: "There are a few dedicated fans who compile all sorts of exotic stats on their own apart from the ones the league keeps" and then I wrote, "There are some numbers I'd like to see the league track."

It's really easy to criticize and brag about how smart one is when they distort what someone else said and then try to knock it down. It's also really revealing about their ability to comprehend and their character. Like the blogger who wrote the post you linked to, I suggest you learn read a bit more closely."

You stay classy Stu. As everyone knows, innovation can only come from large corporate entities like the NHL and print media outlets.