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How People Get to

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An interesting idea that could only gain steam because of a random tweet, then retweets, then a 140-character discussion of dick jokes...

Basically, Dirk Hoag (from the great Preds blog On the Forecheck) was looking back at his site's search history to see what bizarre/funny search words and phrases had been used to visit OTF. Then Ellen (from the equally great Theory of Ice) noted she had a number of visits every week involving porn search terms, which reminded me of get the idea. So I wanted to take a look at some other, let us say, interesting search words and phrases over the last month or so. I had hardly scratched the surface when I turned up the first:

what does a broadsword look like

Wha? More after the jump...

the way of the incepting

Secret of the pros: I set an Igor Ulanov autographed card on edge to see if I'm dreaming.

phil kessel asshole

Dude, the guy hardly talks.

muppets show clinic

I can't...yup, nope I can't even remotely figure this one out.

lisa turtle hot

I believe this one's my "fault," because yes Lisa Turtle was/is hot (SFW). There's actually like 3 separate Lisa Turtle search phrases haha.

douglas murray, shark, hot!

Yeah, because we all used to write for Tiger Beat.

clavicle nightmare

New band name?


I am so proud to get people thinking about Helmut Balderis again. Ages like a fine wine.

are european hockey players odd

I don't think you have to narrow it down to just hockey players, but yes.

1940s mountie

The Golden Decade for mounties. From that point forward, they'd accept any riff-raff that could fill out the application.

hockey's tim thompson

Tim Thomas, you know you've reached hockey immortality when Americans are getting phonetically close to remembering who you are: