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Hi, My Name Is...Ben

I told you I liked dogs.  This is my dog, scared.
I told you I liked dogs. This is my dog, scared.

Well, first of all, I used to be a Pisces, which would lead you to believe that I liked swimming side-by-side with my doppelganger.  Astrologers realized they had to shift the zodiac when they found I don't care for swimming too much, I like fishing and fish fry, and if I saw someone that looked like me I'd probably turn him in to the proper authorities.  Now I'm an Aquarius, which apparently makes me contemporary and hip.  

I love dogs and really short walks on the beach, and I distrust Yanni.  I wore my fair share of neon and L.A. Gear in the 90s, but have had a falling out with turquoise.  I leave the rest to my bio and my eHarmony profile, username "TurboT*ts".

That description was about 98% accurate, but in all seriousness I'm rarely serious (something our regulars can probably vouch for).  I was serious recently when putting together the "Who We Be, Winnipeg HC?" series, which looks at each of the player positions organization-wide and suggests how we might address them through the draft, free agency, or trades.  If you haven't read them yet, you should have a look (it's best to start from the top):

Centres I

Centres II

Left Wings

Right Wings

You'll notice there are two left, on defencemen and goaltenders.  They'll both be coming out in the next couple of days.

Oh yeah, and my grandpa contributes occasionally.  I use the term "contribute" loosely.