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The Winnipeg Jets draft Jansen Harkins 47th overall

With the 17th pick in the second round, the Winnipeg Jets have drafted Jansen Harkins from the Prince George Cougars. This is an excellent pick as he is a player who was expected to go in the first round by many experts. Although Harkins does not address the greatest need of the Jets by playing defence, in the draft a team should be looking to draft best player available and Harkins is probably that.

Harkins is defensively aware and capable of scoring, as one would hope a top prospect is. He broke out offensively, which is normal for players as they enter their 17 year old season. The Jets have been making a habit of jumping on other teams off the wall drafting this draft and they did so again here.

Habs Eyes on the Prize has an in-depth write-up about Harkins that will tell you more about the newest member of the Winnipeg Jets.

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