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The NHL and AHL have suspended the season

The NHL and AHL have decided to suspend their seasons for an undetermined about of time because of the Coronavirus which is also known by its scientific name COVID-19. The World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus a pandemic yesterday. More and more places have been banning large gatherings including sporting events. It seemed reckless and ill-thought out to even have teams flying around when the chance of exposure would be rising by the day. The NHL and AHL have done the right thing by simply pausing the season.

After suspending the season, the NHL will have to decide how to proceed forward. As control of the spread of Coronavirus becomes a constant issue, the bigger question has to be: is it feasible for us to move forward with hockey at all or try again in September? If it is determined that the season is finished and there will be no playoffs, the leagues will have a few ways forward. For now we can be assured that they have made the smartest decision for all parties involved with the information they have been provided. Just like the NBA, they are doing what is right for all parties involved going forward.

As for us, we have lot’s of plans of how to keep the community engaged without hockey. If the season is cancelled we will launch into our off-season review, but until then we have lots of fun plans.

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