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Winnipeg Jets vs. Chicago Blackhawks

Winnipeg Jets v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Time: 9:00 PM CST

Channel: CBC, Sportsnet

Radio: CJOB

The Winnipeg Jets and Chicago Blackhawks are playing tonight after the Jets were off for 84 years do to the All-Star Break, Bye Week, and extra rest just because. The extra rest might be what the Jets need to stop their slide, but it might really be the Blackhawks that the Jets need because they are historically bad in some ways.

The Jets are playing really late tonight (9:00 PM CST) because every other Canadian team is playing this afternoon because it is Super Bowl Weekend and it is a tradition in some cities to play in the afternoon. Then there is Winnipeg who gets the late start time because no one else is scheduled for tonight outside of Toronto.

The Jets will want to start strong and make sure they have their legs under them from the get go as chasing a team, even one as bad as Chicago, is not a good way to start the unofficial final push of the season. The Jets will want to enter the end of February strong. They are going into the trade deadline as buyers, but who they buy will probably depend on the market.

I am assuming we will see the regular combo of the top six players and then the same defencemen cycling in. The Jets should be fine against the Blackhawks who incidentally have Jonathan Toews whom the Jets have been connected to (maybe because he is a Winnipeg boy and nothing more).

Anyways, late game, South Asia Heritage game tonight. Fancy warm up jerseys. Let’s go!!!