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Player Review: Laurent Brossoit

NHL: JUN 06 Stanley Cup Playoffs Second Round - Jets at Canadiens Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets and Laurent Brossoit have parted ways this summer, but not before Brossoit gave the Jets one more good season as Connor Hellebuyck’s backup.

Brossoit had a bounce back season this year after being sub par last season. He was able to play in 12 games and provide the Jets with a chance to win in those games. It’s about all you can ask for from a back up goalie in the NHL. He doesn’t lose the team games and can sometimes win you a game or two.

Brossoit was a solid player for the Jets and never made too much for his job. Although he wasn’t as good as Hellebuyck, that was never his role. His role was always the supporter who had to be ready at any given moment and he was. He was consistently able to fill in for Hellebuyck and give him a rest.

Brossoit left the Jets this off-season to go to the Vegas Golden Knights. The Jets are in a bit of a tough spot with the salary cap and Brossoit was as the kids say, a cap casualty because of that. He will be missed with his reliable play as Hellebuyck’s back up.