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Recap: An Ode to 1000 Games

Vancouver Canucks v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

Playing 1000 games in the NHL is a big deal. Paul Stastny achieved that milestone last night therefore this recap is dedicated to the insanity of reaching that milestone. Warning: math will be discussed.

First of all, 1000 games is only regular season games. No playoff games are ever counted. That means if someone played nine years and made it to the Stanley Cup Final playing only 7 game series, they would not have surpassed 1000 games in those nine years. They would still be over 250 games away from 1000. Getting to 1000 games is not easy.

If a player did not miss a single game in an 82 game season, they need to play 12 seasons to make it to 1000 games. Not everyone can play an 82 game season and not everyone is good enough and has the longevity to play 12 seasons. Again reaching 100 games is not easy.

The Winnipeg Jets played a great game on Tuesday. They played what looked like their best game in weeks. They played for the whole 60 minutes and they played hard. They were not passively letting the game come to them. Of course this was the Vancouver Canucks who are not making the playoffs this year, but it was better than normal recently from the Jets and this is what they need prior to the playoffs.

Friday the Jets will play the Toronto Maple Leafs before playing the first round of the playoffs in Edmonton against the Connor McDavids Edmonton Oilers.