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Game Recap: Winnipeg Jets vs. LA Kings

Comrie finally got a nice win!

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Los Angeles Kings Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets continue to keep on keepin’ on, doing whatever it is they do against the Pacific Division. That “whatever” is playing poorly and eking out a win anyways. What else would the Jets do against the rebuilding LA Kings? I half-expected Winnipeg to drop this decision, especially given how rough the games against Anaheim and San Jose were. Despite my misgivings, a Dubois Double and a solid performance in net from Eric Comrie earned the Jets a 3-2 victory. Here are some takeaways from Winnipeg’s midnight madness.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Los Angeles Kings Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Seven Takeaways

  1. Winnipeg had some considerable trouble against LA, particularly in the second period. After a relatively even opening 20 minutes, the Jets spent the middle frame forgetting what hockey was. I’m not sure how LA failed to capitalize on Winnipeg switching off. Comrie mercifully kept the Jets in it, even with some incredibly chaotic DZ coverage in front of him.
  2. Dubois continues his extremely hot start. We’ve been waiting for PLD to hit the ground running, and he finally looks like the player Winnipeg traded for. I currently have him as the frontrunner for team MVP, especially given the roster circumstances.
  3. Comrie had a night to remember. I don’t recall any of Eric’s previous NHL starts going particularly well. He usually posts a sv% below league average, even in games where the Jets earned standings points. Tonight, though, Comrie was solid! I hope he can keep the performances going.
  4. Copp scored again, and I can hear his pricetag steadily increasing with every added point. I’m not sure if he’ll replicate this success on his next team, but he’s been a critical contributor during these challenging moments.
  5. The blueline unit got smacked around. That’s all I have to say on that...
  6. Svechnikov continues to make small, intelligent plays between the margins. His positioning and passing, as well as his industrious nature, make him a versatile threat. If he can just find the shooting angles he loves, he’ll be lights out during his shifts.
  7. Nash isn’t the defensive beast I was hoping for. He’s a sight better than Thompson (low bar, I know), but still leaves much to be desired. I’m not sure if his previous teams had easier defensive schemes he could handle, but his start to Winnipeg living hasn’t been optimal.