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The Winnipeg Jets reveal their Reverse Retro jersey

And the rest of the NHL joined them.

2019 Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic - Calgary Flames v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/NHLI via Getty Images

All NHL teams are releasing reverse retro jerseys. Some are really imaginative and fun and some are boring. The Jets land in the boring category. They go for the same basic idea as their other retro jerseys, but with these ones they are lacking something to make them pop. Maybe some colour or piping would help

Likes: it is the tru retro of the Jets jersey, there is a distinct retro feel and the numbers are easy to see (please see last year’s Heritage Classic jersey for why this point is important.

Dislikes: The lack of Atlanta Thrashers. Based on the fact we have the Carolina Hurricanes doing the Hartford Whalers jersey and the Colorado Avalanche with the Quebec Nordiques. Now, there could be a reason for it as the current Jets hold the trademark on the old Jets logo hence the Arizona Coyotes not being able to use that jersey (it would have been funny and weird and therefore fun), but there is no work about that happening with the Atlanta Thrashers.

The Jets reverse retro jerseys are a cool concept that looks half-baked. A bit more colour and they would really work well. Sadly, the Jets went with grey, white, and a bit of blue. It could have been better, but it isn’t the worst.