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Who is the most loved Winnipeg Sports Personality?

Grey Cup Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Teemu Selanne is probably the most beloved Winnipeg Jet in the history of both franchises. The only other Jet who should be in the conversation is Dale Hawerchuck. But who is the most beloved Winnipeg Sports personality? Is it a hockey player or is it a football player Milt Stegall, a player who set the record for all-time receiving touchdowns in the CFL.

So who is Winnipeg’s favourite sports personality? Is it Teemu Selanne and the lasting image of him shooting his glove with his stick? Is it Dale Hawerchuk? Or is it someone like Milt Stegall who played in a different leave, but loved the city and the people here while accomplishing great things? Or is it someone else I have not mentioned like Clara Hughes or Cindy Klassen? The options are endless and left to people to discuss!

On another note, the Top 25 Under 25 series will start soon. July is usually the worst month for me work wise, so with that gone content will be back to fairly regular intervals, especially with a new series to publish. Any other, more labour intensive writing will be coming in the second half of the month when work is fully complete for the summer.