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The NHL is waiting for Marner to sign

Has a RFA overvalued himself this much since Ryan O’Reilly?

There are a lot of RFAs left unsigned as we creep closer and closer to training camp. This is possibly because of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Mitch Marner. Marner is seen as the premier RFA this summer and his agent is asking the sun and moon for him. Many thought that Sebastian Aho’s offer sheet would set the market for RFAs, but it appears that many are still waiting on Marner to sign.

This is a bad thing for the Jets as Marner probably sets the asks of both Patrik Laine and Kyle Connor. If he gets a contract anywhere close to ten million a year, the Jets are in trouble. However, if he does get a contract like Aho’s the Jets would be In significantly better shape. A couple million dollars makes a big difference here.

One other thing to look for is if Marner starts practicing with a NLA (Swiss League) team. His agent has started enquiring about that possibility and if he goes forth with that, it could point to him thinking it will take a long time to sign. If it is taking Marner a long time to sign, the other RFAs could sign deals themselves that help set the market or they could go over to Europe themselves. At that point there are more CBA rules to know, some of which make trades unfavourable if I remember correctly.

It appears that the RFA market did not correct itself when Sebastian Aho signed his offer sheet and that many forwards are waiting on Marner to sign before doing anything. The question is how long will they wait?