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Ugly Hockey Sweaters: The Franchise Edition

Some jerseys are just a bad idea.

New Jersey Devils v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Darcy Finley/NHLI via Getty Images

Every hockey team has had that one bad jersey that makes you question what they were thinking when they designed it. The Winnipeg Jets have this with their third jersey, but that is not the ugliest jersey in franchise history. To get there we had to reach way back into the vault...

The Winnipeg Jets have had about one bad jersey, but we are not going to going to limit ourselves to just one locale here. The Jets are not a franchise of just Winnipeg, but the world...errr, Atlanta, Georgia. The Atlanta Thrashers were a franchise. They were a team. They did things. Horrible things. The things they did to hockey sweaters should never be spoken of again unless it is to laugh at them into oblivion. Many thanks to Laura and few thanks to Derek for help with these selections.

These sweaters have so much potential to be okay and they just don’t reach it. Is it the unbalanced sleeves or the powder blue colour that just doesn’t work with the the aesthetic the team appears to be going for. A stronger blue would have made the logo pop more and the red strip be more of a standout. As is, it just looks wrong.

Carolina Hurricanes v Atlanta Thrashers Photo by Scott Cunningham/NHLI via Getty Images

The maroon jerseys are legendarily bad. There is nothing redeeming about them and it is a mess like much of the Thrashers time in Atlanta according to Laura and these jerseys are no exception to that. They are just a bad idea. The colour is bad, the socks are horrible, and the logoless look just does not work like most things that Atlanta Spirit tried to do.

The Winnipeg Jets actual worst jerseys are their third jerseys which are the wrong colour blue and once again boring. However, they do not hold a candle to the atrocities we were subjected to during the Atlanta days and for that we are blessed.