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Recap: Winnipeg Jets fall to St. Louis Blues again

NHL: DEC 29 Jets at Blues

The Winnipeg Jets played on of the most frustrating game of the season this year against the St. Louis Blues. Unlike their game on Friday, the Jets did not look like they had no answer to the Blues, but like they simply could not finish for the life of them. It happens and in all honesty, just just sucks to watch.

The Jets did not look like they missed their injured players as much on Sunday as they looked like they did on Friday. They looked really together and like they just could not overcome the Blues which is a completely reasonable thing since the Blues are the top team in the West.

The Jets are now in the first Wild Card spot while being in a much stronger division than the Pacific Division. They will continue to have to fight for their position, but it is completely reasonable for them to hang around third in the Central and the first Wild Card spot for the remainder of the season.

Three Thoughts

  • This was a really frustrating game to watch because the Jets played well, but simply could not hit the net at all and when they did they were met by Jordan Binnington. It was more frustrating than watching the Jets play on Friday because on Friday they were simply outplayed and met at every turn with the type of response that could bring any team down. Last night they were able to meet St. Louis at that level, but were unable to actually finish plays.
  • Speaking of goaltending, Connor Hellebuyck looked much better last night and his angles were covered much better than on Friday. He did not let goals in immediately after the Jets scored and did all he could to keep the Jets in the game. Considering the game was about even in shots, this was just a weird game and Hellebuyck did all he could to keep it close even though the hockey gods were not on his side yesterday.
  • The fourth line looked decent during the game and even scored the Jets lone goal. The team desperately misses Andrew Copp, but Jansen Harkins has been a sold addition to the fourth line. He helps generate offence and that line was the only line that scored this game. Harkins has two assists in four games which is as much as you can ask for from a fourth liner on their first callup.