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Winnipeg Jets to face the Calgary Flames in Regina

Both teams go into the vaunted Sea of Green as enemies of the people.

Winnipeg Jets v Edmonton Oilers

In the NHL’s tradition of having at least two outdoor games in most seasons, they will have the Winnipeg Jets play the Calgary Flames in Regina on October 26. This should go over great.

This game should be about two weeks into the regular season. According to the Jets, they will be the host team. I believe teams share revenues from these games as the attendance is much higher than a regular home game. Unlike with Finland this year, the Jets do not get to play two games away.

There is no word as it if the Saskatchewan Roughriders will be involved in promoting the game like the Winnipeg Blue Bombers did a couple years ago when the outdoor game was at Investor’s Group Field. However, according to JetsNation the Bombers play the Calgary Stampeders the day before in Winnipeg so you can watch them play and then drive six hours to watch the Jets play.

The Jets will probably have another new jersey for this game, although no one would complain if they wore their gorgeous heritage jerseys again. There is also no word about their being an old-man game and that might be because of the neutral venue. There is also no information about the CHL/WHL having a game on site. The Regina Pats could play multiple teams in the stadium with the ice already set up.

Gainer has not commented on the fact he has a Winnipeg team being the home team in his stadium.