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2019 NHL Entry Draft Watch Thread

Time: 7:00 PM CST

Channel: Sportsnet (Canada), NBCSN (USA), TVA Sports (French)

All 31 NHL teams have gathered together in Vancouver, British Columbia to judge young men on their hockey playing prowess and decide where they will embark on their professional careers. There will most likely be fewer pink suits and spider suits than at the NBA draft last night which is a damn shame. Hopefully we will have at least one parent in a jaunty hat.

The draft should provide some entertainment although trades beyond the swapping of picks is unlikely. Instead, player for player trades will probably happen at a later date. However, the Vancouver Canucks are hosting the draft and have an owner who seems to like the spotlight. Could we have one crazy moment tonight?

The Winnipeg Jets will hopefully be picking around 9:00 PM CST, but that is only if every team keeps their thank yous short and their congratulations brief. If not, I could be multiple knee-icings deep before this pick happens. On y va.

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