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Recap: Philadelphia Flyers fly by the Winnipeg Jets

The Jets are no longer winning.

Winnipeg Jets v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets and Philadelphia Flyers are playing today at noon along with about half the league playing games because no one has anything better to do than watch hockey. Anyways, the Jets are down half their defence and had Tucker Poolman play this game. My question is this: if Tobias Enstrom only played one game, was he truly ready to return?

Anyways, the Jets looked a bit flat after a torrid start and never really recovered their form. Outside of one really weird goal by Andrew MacDonald, the Jets were still within one the whole game and things can only go up from here as someone has to get healthy soon. Right? Right?

Ten Thoughts:

  1. The Winnipeg Jets defence right now is a terrifying unit to look at. When one of Jacob Trouba or Tobias Enstrom is hurt, the Jets defence looks worse. When both are hurt, things start to become painful. Add Dmitry Kulikov to the mix and if the Jets win tonight Connor Hellebuyck will be the reason why.
  2. I know for a long time there has been discord between Sean Couturier fans and Mark Scheifele fans, but I really think both players are excellent and doing the best to produce in their situations. Also, I really wish they could have gone head to head today.
  3. Why does it sound like the broadcast is starting a power play conspiracy? It seems like the Jets have been struggling this road trip (partially due to injuries), so it would be normal to draw less penalties than normal.
  4. Claude Giroux scored a goal on the delayed penalty. Honestly there is not a lot the Jets could have done to prevent that goal.
  5. The second goal is...well let’s just say I am shocked that there are not more goals scored like that.
  6. Sometimes I wonder if the Jets are on the power play or if the Flyers are playing with five men because their penalty kill has better possession than the Jets power play.
  7. One more goal and Patrik Laine will pass Gretzky (for goals scored by a teenager) and Ovechkin (for goals this season). I see you, Patrik.
  8. Connor Hellebuyck is the only reason this game is close I think. Flyers have been the superior they should be if half of a team’s top six defencemen are hurt.
  9. The Jets were bound to lose one soon with the way they’ve been playing and today was that game.
  10. If Bryan Little is hurt from the end of the game...