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Jacob Trouba and Adam Lowry back on ice

The defenceman and the centre prepare for their return.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Minnesota Wild Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

In non-trade deadline news, it appears that Winnipeg Jets defenceman Jacob Trouba is making good steps in his recovery and is now back on the ice.

While this is obviously not with the team, it means that Trouba is making good progress and seems to be on track. Ankles are finicky and that is where his injury is. He was supposed to be out for 6-8 weeks and skating, even solo, is an important step. His injury may feel fine, but the change in motion from walking and rehab to skating might do it for him.

Adam Lowry joined the duo in skating alone today. This is the second time he has had to come back from injury in the second half of the season and the Jets have missed him terribly. They have never connected his two injuries, but it seems likely that there is some sort of connection between the two based on timing and both being upper-body injuries.

Even with Trouba and Lowry coming back, the Jets would be wise to trade for more depth on the back end and at centre, just in case.