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Preview: Winnipeg Jets versus Dallas Stars

There’s a hockey game on tonight and yet all we’re talking about is trades.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at St. Louis Blues Joe Puetz-USA TODAY Sports

This is going to be super quick as there are report cards to write and there is a lot of smoke around trades. The Winnipeg Jets are playing another divisional rival tonight in the Dallas Stars. The Stars are much improved from last season by trading for ben Bishop and having regular seasons from most of their offensive players.

The Stars have also benefitted from a new coach in Ken Hitchcock who is less run and gun and more defensively structured. While this makes the Stars a less fun to watch, they are definitely less likely to implode at any given moment.

As for the Jets, it is most likely same old, same old. If a player unexpectedly gets scratched we can assume there is a trade in the works (for example, if Nic Petan does not play, don’t panic).


I lose my mind over the trade deadline and all the shenanigans involved.