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Recap: Winnipeg Jets cannot overthrow the Kings of Los Angeles

Don’t cry because it happened, smile because it’s over.

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Winnipeg Jets Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I, um, that game happened (sorry, I am backlogged with actual work and therefore the worst person to go through applications and have recapped too many games). The Winnipeg Jets lost to the Los Angeles Kings and it was deserved. Dustin Brown managed to get through a game without injuring someone. Connor Hellebuyck is still healthy. Jets are still somewhat healthy. Tobias Enstrom looked like he will be a useful guy in the playoffs (he who handled Anze Kopitar). That’s it. Good job.

Ten Thoughts:

  1. I really hate the Los Angeles Kings for many reasons and I want you to all know that.
  2. Dustin Brown has done nothing yet and I already am seeing red whenever he is on the ice. Weasel.
  3. Blake Wheeler scored a goal by shooting the puck to where mama hides the cookies.
  4. A power play goal against. This penalty killing misses Jacob Trouba and Adam Lowry. Much ado about nothing otherwise.
  6. That period was so bad I could barely keep my eyes open. Why are you doing this to me, Winnipeg Jets? Like, outshot 14-2 at one point? Who are you?
  7. Dion Phaneuf only needs four more goals for my prediction to come true. I believe.
  8. I have seen a Torrey Mitchell goal and a Phaneuf goal in the same game. Are we sure it is 2018?
  9. Okay, it is not a history lesson when it is clarifying dates on something. Yes, I am being salty as I am tired and big air is happening and I am not watching.
  10. When Dustin Brown scores on you, you deserve to lose. Jets deserved this result. Good night.