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Recap: Winnipeg Jets defeat the totally not rebuilding Vancouver Canucks

The Jets showed they were much more together than I was tonight.

Vancouver Canucks v Winnipeg Jets

With both teams on the second half of a back to back with travel, it was bound to be a slow game and it was. Anders Nilsson and Connor Hellebuyck were both wonderful in net. While the Sedin twins are not who they once were, they are still excellent when given time and space.

When it comes to the Winnipeg Jets, they played a simple game that got them through a game where they had travelled the night before, which is the same for the Vancouver Canucks. One thing I found interesting was the broadcast mentioned that the Jets offence had dried up recently, but failed to mention that two of their top three centres were injured. Although Adam Lowry does not produce the same amount of offence as Mark Scheifele, his role allows for players like Scheifele to focus more on offence. This is why the Jets seemed to not miss a beat until Lowry was injured as well. Hopefully he will be back soon and the Jets will return to being awesome at offence.

Ten Thoughts:

  1. Patrik Laine is capable of scoring goals a million different ways and that is one of the best things about him. His goal today was not one of his signature rockets, but the boy has skills and uses them regularly. He is also looking more like himself than he did earlier this year. Definitely looks over that sophomore slump.
  2. The combo of Jack Roslovic and Marko Dano is a nice one offensively and Roslovic has not seemed bad defensively. Imagine them with Adam Lowry when he returns from injury.
  3. The announcers have mentioned how good Kyle Connor has been since being called up to replace an injured Mathieu Perreault. He was good enough that they did not send him down when Perreault returned and it seems like he has played his last AHL game.
  4. It feels like the Sedin twins are no longer threats. It makes me sad how great they were and how it seems like the Canucks management just let them rot away into a terribly executed rebuild.
  5. I feel like not enough has been said about Josh Morrissey and Jacob Trouba this year, but they have been a very good duo for the Jets.
  6. Apropos about nothing, but I am having a hard time seeing where Nic Petan will fit on the Jets next year. Could trading him be an option.
  7. I remember years ago reading a newspaper story about Alexander Edler being called up by the Canucks and why it would benefit him to be sent back to the Manitoba Moose once everyone got healthy in Vancouver. Those were the days.
  8. The difference between Connor Hellebuyck from last season to this season is night and day in the best way possible. He is more in control of his body and making sure he does not resemble a dying fish.
  9. Why do goalies have suck big spaces by their eyes? Getting a stick through the hole to their eye looks bad. Happy to see Hellebuyck is okay and the refs made the correct call.
  10. And curtains. Another solid effort from the Jets.