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Recap: Jets fly off into the Knight

NHL: Vegas Golden Knights at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets have defeated the Vegas Golden Knights with a score of 7-4 simply by scoring more than the other team. Their high-octane offence was once again on display with stalwart youngsters Nikolaj Ehlers, Patrik Laine, and Kyle Connor leading the way. Mid-age veteran Mark Scheifele also brought it tonight and while Connor Hellebuyck seemed to struggle a bit, the offence won the game for him much like he won games for the team before the offence started lighting it up.

On the injury front, there was a scary moment where Matt Hendricks got hit in the face by skate, but no harm, no foul and he returned to the game without needing stitches.

Ten Thoughts

  1. Patrik Laine looks a lot more alive tonight. It seems that he is looking quite inconsistent in his effort and I wonder how much of that has to do with his waxing and waning confidence. He can look like a house on fire one night and then a disaster the next. That said, he is still on pace for 35 goals, so it is not all bleak.
  2. Kyle Connor has been wonderful since he was called up early in the season. He has been able to bring it offensively and has chemistry with almost every player it seems. His power play goal tonight was because he was able to get a shot off with no time. His skill level is there and it is obvious that he benefited from the time in the AHL last year.
  3. Mathieu Perreault is a fourth line hero. A player who was traded by the Washington Capitals because they could not give him the ice time he deserved is back to where he started. He has taken it like a professional though and instead has turned around and made the Jets fourth line a threat all by himself.
  4. The Golden Knights look like a much better expansion team than previous ones, probably because the NHL actually made rules that made it possible for them to select decent players and not a bunch of fourth liners. It’s a small thing, but it is nice to see.
  5. That said, I am worried about their starting goalie Marc-Andre Fleury has he has been out for over a month with a concussion. It is concerning since he has sustained multiple concussions in his career already. Hopefully he is feeling well enough to return to hockey soon.
  6. Connor Hellebuyck has looked slightly off the past couple of games. Not in a bad way, especially with the Jets being able to score their way out of trouble, but it might be time to give him a game off to rest and reset. He has not been bad, but he seems to have let in a lot of goals out of no where in the past couple games.
  7. The Jets cleaned up all their brain farts from Wednesday and for that I thank them a lot because Wednesday was a lot. It seems like that was a complete off game from the team and one that exposed how they can tough it out and make it through everything going wrong. This game they kind of fell apart the second half of the first, but bounced back wonderfully after that.
  8. Paul Maurice has rightfully challenged two offsides in the past two games. While the rule is stupid in a lot of ways, if you are going to challenge it, at least be as good as the Jets coaching staff at judging when it should be challenged.
  9. The Jets kept on letting the Golden Knights into the game by simply not being the first to all the pucks they needed to get to. It is an odd pattern for a fast team. But ya know, they are winning and I am nitpicking.
  10. How many games have seen the Jets scored five or more goals this year? My goodness, can they score.