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Winnipeg Jets catch a Colorado Low

The Winnipeg Jets went into the Mile High City and left feeling like a Colorado Low.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Colorado Avalanche Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets finished up their road trip on a complete low in a game that featured many bad penalties than I had coughing attacks tonight. The Jets took too many penalties of the plan dumb variety and it showed. The Colorado Avalanche took advantage of their last dumb penalty twice to win it in overtime. Nathan MacKinnon scored the overtime winner both 31 seconds into overtime and then again 59 seconds into overtime when the first goal was called back due to an offsides. It was never going to be enough and now the Jets return to Winnipeg with three out of a possible four points when there was the opportunity to get all four points if only they cleaned up the mental mistakes.

Ten Thoughts

  1. Either the Winnipeg Jets are playing really bad or the Colorado Avalanche are much improved from last year. They look more organized and seem to have a semblance of defensive structure. It is interesting to see the difference from last year to this year.
  2. The Jets power play looks bad. The Avs were able to pressure the Jets and clear the puck more times then I could count. What is interesting is the Jets do not seem to have any organization on the power play and it looks dysfunctional and frankly, bad.
  3. As much as I have enjoyed Bryan Little over the years it seems more and more like he is the most forgettable piece in the Jets top six for some reason. He is still steady and reliable, it just seems like he third wheeling with Nikolaj Ehlers and Patrik Laine. Maybe he is.
  4. How sad is it that I cannot tell you if Dmitry Kulikov or Tucker Poolman played tonight?
  5. The Avs first goal was an odd one. It was hard to see why Connor Hellebuyck’s helmet straps were jarred loose, but it was also somewhat unnerving to see him more focussed on his helmet than trying to find the puck. Either way, I can see how the refs missed his helmet coming off and completely understand the play not being called dead right away. Had the Avs not scored, the play would have needed to be stopped as soon as the refs realized what happened.
  6. I seemed to have lost track of Patrik Laine tonight. He was not on the power play it seemed and his name was rarely mentioned during the broadcast. He seems to have re-entered the struggling stage or something. That said, it might just be my small screen and tired eyes.
  7. The Jets insisted on taking only brain fart penalties tonight. Closing your hand on the puck, two too many men penalties; the Jets were pretty dumb in the penalty department and that is entirely on the players. It is a bad look for a team that takes a lot of penalties when they are taking completely legitimate and bad penalties.
  8. Mark Scheifele has the ability to make plays out of nothing. It was smart of him to stay on the ice when Josh Morrissey scored, even though he was tired. He was able to bring just a bit more skill to the third line and that helped their epic cycle possession that led to Morrissey’s goal.
  9. Mathieu Perreault is not just on the fourth line, he is the fourth line. The difference a little bit of skill makes to that line is amazing. Now get Dano on there at centre and watch the Jets have their best fourth line ever.
  10. Samuel Girard is a nice player and I never noticed Matt Duchene was not there so good job I guess, Joe Sakic.