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Friedman: Paul Maurice will likely receive a contract extension this summer

Rewarding a coach with a bad record is something.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Winnipeg Jets Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

According to Elliotte Friedman, Paul Maurice is most likely not going to be fired and could possibly enter negotiations for a contract extension. He said this during Sportsnet’s second intermission feature in the early game. This decision goes against all logic, but stays in line with how the Winnipeg Jets have operated since coming to Winnipeg. Claude Noel was extended when the team had missed the playoffs for two straight seasons and was in line for a third straight year of missing the playoffs before he was fired for Paul Maurice.

While it seems odd that Maurice could be extended this summer, it could be because Kevin Cheveldayoff does not want to have a “lame-duck coach” who does not have a contract beyond the season. It is standard practice in the NHL to give a coach on the last year of his contract at least year extension so the players do not feel like the coach is an easy guy to get rid of. The concern for Jets fans should only come if the Jets give Maurice a multi-year extension.

A little bit on Maurice and why he should not be back next year: first of all he is a good NHL coach who has gotten craptastic goaltending wherever he has gone. As SportsnetStats pointed out, Maurice coached teams have had an average save percentage of 0.904, which is terrible. Maurice has also made some odd line-up decisions; playing Nic Petan with Chris Thorburn for example. All this said, nothing has happened yet. There is nothing to complain about until this summer and even then, only if Maurice receives a multi-year extension.