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AIH Superfans Episode 42: The Jacob Trouba Podcast

Get ready for some fun with your pals!

On today’s fun filled episode of the podcast, your pals @sliiiiip, @BigPapiPegCity, @arby_18, and @BrianFromAIH discuss one thing for an hour. The Jacob Trouba trade request. And briefly on how dreamy Ondrej Pavelec is. As usual we closed with a round of #AskTheSuperfans that was also very Trouba-centric. If you’re a Jacob Trouba fan, this podcast is right up your alley! (Or not because it’s about him leaving the team.)

Here's how you can listen to the show!

1. Be sure to visit our page on PodOmatic.

2. Download the .mp3 file directly (right-click link, Save As..., etc etc).

3. Listen, subscribe and rate AIH Superfans on iTunes.

Tune in, let us know how we did in the Comments section below and be sure to send your questions, concerns, thoughts and haterade our way by tweeting @AIHSuperfans. And while you're at it, give @AIH20416 a follow as well and have a listen to the AIH 20416 Podcast for some broader NHL discussion.