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RFA goalie Michael Hutchinson signs a two year contract

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Anaheim Ducks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Current Winnipeg Jets backup goalie Michael Hutchinson has been re-signed to a two-year contract with a cap hit of $1 150 000. This is an interesting contract because it is not able to be buried without cap repercussions, not to mention how Connor Hellebuyck has shown himself to be Winnipeg’s best NHL option.

While it is understandable that Winnipeg wants to keep Ondrej Pavelec, the Jets say they want to be competitive and one of the biggest things holding them back is goaltending. Hutchinson should be a good backup, but it is also possible that he is the goalie he showed himself to be in 2014-15, which would put the Jets in a really weird spot with their three goalies.

With all that said, it is fine that Hutchinson has been extended to the contract he has signed. He is a respectable backup and good when not relied upon too much. Should the Jets find a way to keep both him and Hellebuyck while getting rid of Pavelec, this deal will make more sense.