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AIH Superfans Episode 32: Fun Times & Fake Tournaments

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

We're baaaaaaaack! After taking a week off due to a combination of technical difficulties, a long weekend and a slow news week, we decided to return and bring you another hour of NHL talk. We promise that we were a lot nicer than last episode, too! ;)

We talked about a few fun topics this week:

  • Omissions from World Cup rosters
  • Additions to World Cup rosters, most notably, from the Winnipeg Jets
  • Excitement (or lack thereof) for the World Cup in general
  • The Memorial Cup
  • Stanley Cup Finals predictions
  • The NHL Draft
  • The Winnipeg Jets alumni roster come October

And on top of all of that goodness, we also did another segment of #AskTheSuperfans. Can you believe that we give this stuff away for free???

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Tune in, let us know how we did in the Comments section below, and be sure to send your questions, concerns, thoughts and haterade our way by tweeting @AIHSuperfans. If you're rather odd and just can't get enough of us, follow @sliiiiip, @PhilipAIver, @arby_18 and @BigPapiPegCity on the ol' Thanks for reading, and thanks for listening!