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Season Review: Marko Dano

Ray Peters-USA TODAY Sports

Marko Dano was a late addition to the Winnipeg Jets roster, but his impact was noteworthy. Dano was the most significant return from the trade that saw long time captain Andrew Ladd leave for Chicago. Despite little fan fare, Marko Dano produced at solid rates across his 69 games of NHL hockey. His 31 points including 8 for Winnipeg amount to decent number on the surface, but it is the underlying numbers that make me most excited about this kid's future.

It may not be pretty. His skating stride is awkward and he gets battered often in the net front area, but he is always in the mix and never deterred. That counts for something. The production counts more. Dano has achieved his quality point production largely as a volume shooter. He finished the season with the 4th best iCorsi per 60 on the team (shot attempts per minute) - behind only Blake Wheeler, Nikolaj Ehlers and Mark Scheifele. He was also near the top in both possession and points per 60.

His points per minute rates were 7th best on the Jets with Scheifele, Wheeler, Little, Perreault, Ehlers and Copp(!?) ahead of him. His on-ice Corsi for percentage was also in the top eight with only Perreault, Wheeler, Little, Scheifele and Ehlers ahead of him at forward. All of these number point to a potential top 6 forward and the best part is that numbers are largely a carry over from his time in Columbus.

The Future

Many projections and proposed depth charts that I've seen have Dano battling for a 3rd or 4rd line spot, but the numbers say he should be in consideration for top 6 time. That may change with the addition of Kyle Connor, but the Jets will be blessed with some solid depth.

Having a player who can push possession and drive shot volumes at such a young age is nothing but good.

All fancy stats from Corsica Hockey.