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Game Recap: Jets vs Red Wings - The Joe's Last Hurrah!

The final battle in the old Joe Louis Arena ends in a 5 - 3 Jets win.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

How old is the Joe Louis Arena?  This object may lend a hand in the determination...

First Period: No Perreault or Armia. Stuart is scratched, so Melchiori draws back in on D. Petan and Thorburn come in. Petan with Connor & Wheeler, Laine with Scheifele & Ehlers, Dano with Lowry & Tanev, and Burmi with Copp & Thorburn. Hellebuyck and Mrazek in the nets. Gordie Howe's family with the ceremonial face off. Wings on the puck early. Wings Kronwall making his season debut. Laine in with a shot.  Weird turnover in the Jets end as two Jets players almost cough it up. TSN asks the Jets "not to force the plays".  Ok then.  Wings Helm with a quick shot from the slot.  Wings' Dekeyser with the shot from the blue line, deflected by Wings' Glendening. 1-0 Wings at 16:55. Wings' Kronwall sends Helm in alone but can't convert. Wings have 7 shots already, to the the Jets one.  Burmi finds Thorburn who shoots it wide.  Lowry with the heavy hit on Wings' Neilsen.  Jets came close to too many men as Postma was changing.  Burmistrov with the turnover in the Jets zone, allowing the Wings to get off a shot. Wings' Nyquist almost had Morrissey beat but Hellebuyck stopped the shot. Burmi to Thorburn to Copp with the shot. Burmi stays in and gets in on the play with Postma and Scheifele. Trying to make up for the earlier blunder, I guess. Jets are missing Armia's stick for sure!  Wings cough up the puck at their blue line, steal by Laine, who wrists it towards the net and scores! 1-1 tie! Morrissey goes off for slashing, so the Jets are on the PK.  Thorburn with the great penalty kill as he uses up time in the Wings' zone.  Thorburn and Burmi knocked down and no penalty called. Jets kill off the penalty. Glove save by Hellebuyck on Wings' Ott. Quick shot by Petan. Period ends tied 1-1.

Second Period: Morrissey with the heavy wrister to start the second.  Hellebuyck with the save on Wings' Neilsen.  Ehlers to Laine to Postma who gets the shot off.  Hellebuyck with the save up close on Wings' Helm.  Wings with pressure in the Jets zone.  Is every night retro night at the Joe? Loverboy playing over the PA system.  Jets using the sticks well to frustrate the Wings.  Jets called for too many men as Laine jumped the play and sheepishly doesn't want to make eye contact with PoMo.  Ehlers to serve the penalty and the Jets kill it off with good work by Tanev and Copp. Ehlers with the pass to Scheifele.  Enstrom with the shot, but good save by Wings' Mzarek.  Shot taken by Tatar, saved by Hellebuyck and the puck flies up, Zetterberg with the hand eye coordination and bats it in but immediately waved off.  Upon review, it's allowed and the Wings go up 2-1. Wheeler hauled down by Wings' Erickson - no call.  Now the Outfield are being played over the loudspeaker!  Good grief!  Wings' Helm with the nifty drop pass to Athanasiou, with good save by Hellebuyck. Wings' Green with the toe drag and the shot. Not a defensively sound hockey game by either team, but not a offensive showcase either.  Wings' Athanasiou gets behind Postma, but Postma recovers to tie him up. Period ends with the Wings up 2-1.

Third Period: 27-17 shots in favour for the Wings as the third period starts.  Wings are all over the Jets.  Laine with the initial shot, Scheifele follows up on the rebound, saved by Mrazek as the puck ends up under his arm, and then he slides into the net. Play reviewed and a goal awarded to Scheifele, with assists to Laine and Ehlers. Game tied 2-2. Wings' Ott trying to stir and chirp things up.  Chariot fans on a shot and Wings' Tatar off to the races. Chariot catches up and slashes Tatar stopping a breakway, but ends up taking a penalty. Jets on the PK, as Thorburn and Ott share some of their favorite recipes with each other. Lowry, Wheeler and the Buffman with the heavy penalty kill presence. Wheeler had the skates pulled out from underneath him, and PoMo is pissed looking for a penalty. Buff and Wings' Smith get into it behind the play and both go off for  2 minutes. Jets kill the penalty.  Wings' Athanasiou with the shot up close. Scheifele out on the ice with Wheeler and Connor.  Jets with some pressure now with 10 minutes left in the third.  The wave is going thru the Joe with Surfin' USA playing in the background. Wings' Abdelkader rips it short side after a pass from Tatar, as Postma made his way to the bench on a delay line change. Ugh! Wings up 3-2 with just over 9 minutes left. Wheeler into the boards awkwardly.  Jets' Tanev with the quick shot under the bar, but play continues. After about 20 seconds of play, the horn sounds, the play is whistled down and under review, the goal is good. Game tied 3-3 with Ehlers and Scheifele gaining assists. Back and forth action for a full 3 minutes as the refs seem to have stuffed the whistles.  Jets in the shooting gallery as Ehlers and Laine both blast the puck at the net, but Wings' Mrazek stands tall.  Raise a little hell from Nazareth on the PA...Good grief! What year is this? 1979? oh, yeah, the DJ is likely using 8 track tapes. Byfuglien gives up the goat and Wings' Tatar couldn't believe the gift from Zetterberg, and fans on the open net. Byfuglien springs Tanev and goes high glove side and the Jets go up 4-3 with 1:15 left!! Yes! Dano and Byfuglien with the assists. Slo' Ride Detroit! Mrazek pulled  with 45 seconds left.  Wings with the time out with 23 seconds left.  Wheeler to Ehlers who scores on the empty net! Jets win 5-3!!