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AIH Superfans Podcast: Episode 6

Join the AIH Superfans as their basement dwelling adventures continue at The Fox and Fiddle Restaurant and Pub. They even ask mom to answer the phone and bring down some pizza.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The more things change, the more things stay the same. In the dystopian existence which is podcasting post-@sliiiiip, the AIH Superfans returned to the basement of The Fox and Fiddle at 456 Main Street. The Fox and Fiddle, bringing a modern touch to the classic British Pub concept, and helping your favourite hockey talking heads to boot.

The world's most background noise-y Jets podcast tackled a whole lot of juicy topics, including but far from limited to: Nik Ehlers' future, the fallacy of having depth veterans or youth, continuing to ice arguably the worst fourth line in hockey, the hilarity of comparing Pavelec to the league's best, trading Cam Fowler for Byfuglien straight up, and winning a Stanley Cup with two lines and a whole lot of loyalty. Perhaps most importantly, they started out strong by looking at Lee Stempniak and all the reasons he's not good enough for the Jets, including how he previously spurned us for New York of all places.

Of course, they wouldn't be your AIH Superfans without plain old ridiculousness, and so all the serious business came in and amongst @bigpapipegcity's terrifying ringtone, @tbonnar reveling in troll tweets, @kitkat_p resetting the Evander Kane reference clock at 23:55 and the revelation that @arby_18 floats in a pool of battery acid to recharge his spite and venom.

Regression was @sadsackjetsfan's word of the day, along with reciting his Ladd-centric version of Walt Whitman's "O Captain! My Captain!", while @arby_18 asserted he could grow a tree in the time Winnipeg has failed to ice a competent fourth line. @kitkat_p both staked out controversial territory by comparing the Philadelphia Flyers' depth to Winnipeg's, and went about bursting the Jets' youth narrative bubble. This was balanced by @tbonnar being an optimistic ray of sunshine, one who reminded everyone that the prospects could be awesome. Last but certainly not least, @bigpapipegcity laid down the hot taek law, led by thinking that Nic Petan looks better than Scheifele did at the same age.

The takeaway you need is this: you can't stop @arby_18, you can only hope to contain him. And with that, I present to you Episode 6:

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