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AIH Superfans Podcast: Episode 3

We did a podcast and now you will listen to it as per the user agreement you clicked yes on. You're welcome.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Is it possible for the Superfans to top the incredible output from their first two podcasts you ask? Science says yes and we agree with science!!?

The lads lay down a carpet bombing of hot taekery that anhilates a Jets t-shirt, Evander Kane haters, and our own producer (Judas) @sliiiiip. Welcomed into the studio/sex dungeon is Arctic Ice hero truck who does his best to contain the flaming wreckage in the only way he knows how, COMMON SENSE!!!

Beers were consumed, fart noises were administered like penicillin at a Saskatoon family reunion, and @arby_18 got schooled by the newcomer. @sadsackjetsfan was an incredible jerk and @bigpapipegcity tried to make a joke.

Its our best podcast to date. We've peaked. Give it a listen.

Here's how to listen.

1. Listen online here.

2. Visit our page on Podomatic here.

3. Subscribe and rate us on iTunes.

So tune in, let us know how we did and remember to send your questions our way by either tweeting @AIHSuperfans with the #AskTheSuperfans hashtag, or via email at