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Winnipeg Jets re-sign Ben Chiarot

Clearly Kevin Cheveldayoff is taking care of house-keeping this week as another RFA has been signed this morning.

After playing 600 minutes in the NHL last season, the Winnipeg Jets had a choice to make with Chiarot and they made a smart one. Today it was announced that Chiarot was signed to a two year contract with a $850 000 AAV. This is a really smart contract for the Jets as there are no repercussions if Chiarot's play last year was smoke and mirrors. His cap hit is low enough that the contract can be buried in the AHL with no consequences as he is under the burying maximum of $950 000.

Beyond that, Chiarot showed to be a solid option on the barren left side of the defence, often playing alongside Dustin Byfuglien. If he had not broken his arm, there would be a larger sample to judge his NHL work on, but what there is, Chiarot seems like he is a solid player.

This entire contract is a win because the player will not be taking up a spot in the line-up from a young player and at the end of it, Chiarot will have only accumulated six years of service, which means he will still be a restricted free-agent I believe which means he is still Jets property, but will only be a year from unrestricted free-agency. This was a low-risk contract that will hopefully pay dividends to both the Jets and Chiarot in two season.