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Jets Take On The Red (Bleu en Blanc) Menace

Ghost rider, this is strike. We have Habs inbound Mustang. Your vector zero-nine zero for bogey

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Ok kids I'm back doing another preview and I'm cranky.

I'm in Vancouver and have had to spend the day receiving fake condolences and watch many a crocodile tear being shed in mock sympathy for me as I offered up the lame "We where on the tail end of a back to back" excuse. It's a disappointing stat that the Jets have never in their 2.0 history won a game on false creek, which is unjust because Jets fans always show up to Rogers arena and get louder, drunker and more obnoxi....... um ......behind their team than anyone in a blue sweater.

But enough of that, it's all water under the Cambie street bridge as the Jets return home to take on the power house Montreal Canadiens who currently sit at the top of the league with a whopping 100 points. There are a few at AIH who carry on adulterous flirtations with Habs fandom, for shame, oh for shame, but who could blame them everyone loves a winner and the Habs have been winning.

Carey Price is the lynch pin and focal point for success with this years Habs steam roller. Sporting a .937 save percentage with a fairly decent work load of 60 games is an impressive accomplishment. Though they may stumble from time to time, the habs have found consistent success this season on the back of Price. Meanwhile the Jets have only solved the Canadiens twice in four years. It would seem a tall order awaits, however if the Jets want to keep the playoff dream alive the Red menace needs to be stopped in its tracks at the Red River .

Jets Keys To The Game

Switching to guns - Even though the Habs are the best team in the league they do it on the back of Carey Price and an amazing defensive corp.The Jets need to activate their new hired guns and young snipers to get as many pucks to the net as humanly possible.

Get Greasey - The Jets will need to establish net front presence early and often, getting in the grill of Carey price and wearing down the talented Hab defense.

Size Matters - The Jets are bigger than the Canadiens so they're going to have to smash and bang the Habs, wear them down and grind them into dust.

Pav it up - It looks as though Ondrej Pavelec has lost his RIO as Hutchison, though not terrible has shown he can't sustain consistent high level play over a extended number of games. Pav looks hungry and edgy, let him play and hope that he can match Price on this night at least.

Habs Keys To The Game

Patience - The Jets will probably come out flying and desperate. Be patient, lure them into your game methodically and then wait for them to start running around.

Agitate - The Jets have been a lot better at staying out of the box lately, but they're still the Jets. get under thier skin and take away thier best players as much as possible

Win the Neutral Zone - The jets lately have liked to try and own the neutral zone. Don't let them do it, stretch them out.

Prediction: Jets 3 Canadiens 2

Player to Boo mercilessly: Carey Price, give him the Hex

The Jets desperately need these points and they better play like it. Anything less and the high flying Habs will make those dreams evaporate like a vapor trail.