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AIH 20416 Podcast Episode 12: No Love for Adam Oates

Listen to your two favourite consummate professionals as we interview Adam Stringham, associate editor with SB Nation's Washington Capitals blog, Japers' Rink. Feel him tremble at but the mention of Jaroslav Halak.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Hello everyone! In an episode recorded both before and after Winnipeg's glorious 2-1 OT win over the 2015-16 Eastern Conference Champion Washington Capitals, both Alan and I had a number of confessions to make. I admitted to not minding the taste of aspartame in my soda, while Alan revealed how he would rather watch toilet flushing for half an hour than an episode of Two Broke Girls. He also reveled in his continued usage of the (204) area code, because for some reason he still has a fondness for the place.

Our guest this week was Adam Stringhamassociate editor with SB Nation's Washington Capitals blog, Jasper's Japers' Rink. As one might expect, he quickly admitted to despising Jaroslav Halak and blamed him for destroying exciting hockey (I may be exaggerating slightly). On more serious notes, we discussed the difficulty of appreciating Alexander Ovechkin's greatness (with all due respect to Peter Bondra), the importance of T.J. Oshie and Justin Williams, regretting Ilya Samsonov for reasons that have nothing to do with Ilya Samsonov, and the Capitals two-to-three year window of opportunity.

If you know us, you know that we didn't stop there: Washington trade deadline priorities, the Southeast Division as progenitor of complacency, the never-ending lamentation over Filip Forsberg, Madison Bowey as the next Mike Green, we tackled all this and more. Regrettably for Adam, while I found in him a kindred spirit as we reminisced over the "screaming eagle" good old days, this did not stop me from challenging him with the most hard-hitting of questions: saying three nice things about Adam Oates as a Head Coach. Listen and delight in his struggle. And of course, I ask the Stanislav Galiev question you all requested, nay, demanded.

Finally, Alan and I actually got to celebrate a win in our outro! It was wonderful! But because we're curmudgeons, we needed something to complain about, finding it in the Winnipeg Jets schedule moving forward. And because this is a Winnipeg Jets podcast (I know, I forget too sometimes), we managed to sneak in just a taste of Evander Kane talk. Now you know you need to listen!

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