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AIH Superfans Podcast: Episode 14

Recording mere minutes after the Jets got spanked in Montreal, and a few of us got our faces shaved to begin Movember, the Superfans talked about the week that was.

Recording from inside of the echo chamber at the Fox & Fiddle (456 Main St.) right beside where some fine folks were getting their faces shaved for charity, the Superfans recruited Todd (@toddrose24) to stand in Kat & Sacky who were otherwise indisposed.

So Todd joined Arby, Papi and Tim and the boys chatted about the week that was in Jetsville: the spanking they took in Montreal, the loss to the Kings, but wins over the Wild and Blue Jackets. The Nic Petan/Anthony Peluso subject came up, as did Evander Kane somehow. Weird, I know.

So here it is; Episode 14. Behold it in all of its majesty.

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