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AIH 20416 Podcast Episode 8: Bill Wirtz Dying Wasn't So Bad

Alan and I turn our attentions towards another Central Division menace, the Chicago Blackhawks. Here to gloat over winning three Stanley Cups in six years is Adam Hess of Second City Hockey & Feathers in the Hat. Boo him and his team.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Hello everyone! Another week, another SB Nation guest brought to you by AIH 20416 co-hosts Alan and yours truly. This time, we lassoed someone affiliated with those most successful of divisional opponents, the Chicago Blackhawks, and so Adam Hess of Second City Hockey and Feathers in the Hat was foolish kind enough to join us. But before speaking to Adam, we talked about the Air Canada Centre experience, my being ready to rip Burmistrov's head off and Alan failing to distinguish between losses and regulation losses.

After my extremely smooth pivot to our guest courtesy of an Artemi Panarin reference, Adam tells us about how hard it is to follow such a successful franchise of late, of the pain he feels when seeing them play down to lesser opponents (see: the Edmonton Oilers), and the anguish over having to attend another Stanley Cup Championship parade.

We fawn over Artemi Panarin some more, talk about his centreman in Artem Anisomov and yes, Patrick Kane does come up in the conversation. Chicago's rotating cast of first line left wing characters, surprise over the Patrick Sharp trade, discussion over the Blackhawks' logo, analysis of what goes into making a genuine rivalry, the list goes on and on. Also, Alan asks my favourite Bill Wirtz question ever and in honour of his Hockey Hall of Fame induction, we have a little retrospective on Toronto Maple Leafs legend Phil Housley.

So come on over and listen to what we have to offer. For all you old fogies of legal drinking age, I propose a game: down a glass every time I begin a question with "Now, ..." though make sure you have 911 on standby.

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Thanks for reading, and thanks for listening!