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Jets 5. Wild 4. AND IT WAS EXCITING!

What even? How did? Why is? I just..... okay. Just accept that they won and you'll be okay.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

What a game! What an actually exciting game! The Minnesota Wild came to Winnipeg to take on the Jets and I completely dreaded having to recap another boring Wild game but EVERYONE GUESS WHAT?! That was a fun game. I don't want to give away any spoilers in this blurb, so let's jump right into 10 things, shall we?

Ten Things

1) Okay, so this game started off very poorly for our Jets as 10 seconds into the first period the Wild scored. I'd be lying if I said I didn't fear the worst from this game given that quick score, but luckily the Jets managed to pull their socks up and started racking up goals of their own. Until the end. Hush. We'll get there in time, friends.

2) Bryan Little, Blake Wheeler and Andrew Ladd are among my favorite parts of this team. I know, I know. "Ladd is old and blah blah blah contract blah blah money blah regression blah." He scored a goal tonight and I think that's pretty okay. I also think Bryan Little is pretty damn good and Blake Wheeler? 100% enjoy.


3) We had another Coach's Challenge tonight as there was some confusion after Bryan Liittle's goal. Luckily the refs did the right thing and let the goal stand. I believe the concern was that it went in off his head or it made contact above the crossbar or a combination of those two. Regardless, the goal stood. Has a Coach's Challenge worked out for the challenger yet this year?

4) Drew Stafford came up huge tonight with two very pretty goals. I rather enjoy this Stafford fellow. He's been relatively effective this season and I'm glad he's taking advantage of the opportunities he's given in Winnipeg.

5) Nicolaj Ehlers is still incrediballs. That is all.

6) If Zach Parise wasn't so damn cute, I'd probably be angrier that he drew the Wild to within one in the third period. But, let's not talk about Parise. Let's focus instead on the pairing of Mark Stuart and Jacob Trouba.
Are you vomiting already? Okay, that's my bad. I should have warned you prior to just dropping those names in there. What a pile of hot mess that pairing is! Stuart is a nightmare and he makes Trouba a nightmare. Please separate them, Maurice. Please. Do that thing for the sake of young Jakey Jake Troubs.

7) Early on in the game, there were some real chances for Chris Thorburn. Yep, you read that right. One of the goals would have been the prettiest unicorn ever had it actually gone in. Then he got two penalties and everything was well and good with the world again.

8) Alexander Burmistrov got himself an elbowing penalty and contested it profusely on the ice, but once he saw the replay even he had to agree that it was a good call.

9) The Wild found themselves in a bit of a comeback late in the second with Mikko Koivu and Justin Fontaine scoring two unanswered goals. In the third, they continued to add to their tally with a goal from Zach Parise bringing them to within one of the Jets own 5 goals. But then....

10) Dustin Byfuglien got himself a penalty late in the third after dangerously knocking down Jason Pominville. Seriously, that's not okay bud. I'm glad Pominville appeared to be okay. If you were watching the game, you were likely treated to a pile of swears as Byfuglien exchanged words with one of the Wild players after the hit. Also, luckily, the Jets held the Wild off during the power play and went on to win the game.