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Brouillette waived. Bogo back!

With one defenceman waived, the Winnipeg Jets defence looks to be slowly returning to health.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Julien Brouillette has been waived by the Winnipeg Jets. This is excellent news because it is the first signal that we have that the Jets actual NHL defencemen are returning to health and will be able to play Thursday night against the Arizona Coyotes. The most likely candidate to return is Zach Bogosian, but reporters are saying that Tobias Enstrom, Evander Kane, and Mark Stuart are all skating with the team today for the first time ever.

This is excellent news for the Winnipeg Jets. They have been struggling lately, as any team would when the entire top four defence gets hurt. Getting players back in short order will be a huge help as the Winnipeg Jets look to hold off the surging Dallas Stars and the "can't get no goaltending" Minnesota Wild.