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Preview: Jets vs. Sharks (insert clever Jaws reference here)

The Sharks are in town to take on the Jets tonight at the MTS Centre. With the gold medal WJC game tonight, are you even going to watch this? Who here likes incredibly lame shark jokes? If you said "not me" to that last question, you are going to be very disappointed.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets finish off their 4 game home stand tonight when Jumbo Joe and the Shorks come to town. Wait. Joe Thornton's injured? Oh. That makes this a little less exciting because I had some very irrelevant nether regions jokes all lined up.

Ahem. Moving on. This game comes after the Jets huge win against the Maple Leafs and the Sharks very sad loss against the Blues. Grant Clitsome is likely not in tonight (injured maybe) as he was not at practice yesterday and Keaton Ellerby has been called up from St. John's.

Q: What shark is famous for the rap song "U Cant Touch This?"

A: M.C. Hammerhead.

Keys to the Game

Winnipeg Jets

Let's do that again!: If the Jets want to get past the Sharks tonight, they should focus on maintaining things as they were in the game against the Maple Leafs. The Jets were dominant in that game and a repeat of that performance would be super nice.

Hutchy Hutch Hutch Hutch: If Michael Hutchinson is in, it will be quite difficult for the Sharks to get the goals they need. Hutchinson is amazing and he's essentially an unknown entity to the Sharks as if he gets the start it will be his first game against them. Not that they haven't watched game tape and seen what he's all about, they just haven't played against him before and that's an edge that the Jets can use to their advantage. Pavelec, they already know. We all already know that guy. Hutchinson is exciting, he's all shiny and new and hasn't been broken yet.

Q: What's worse than one shark coming for dinner?

A: Two sharks coming over for dinner

San Jose Sharks

Don't underestimate the Jets: Yes, they have more injuries than Logan Couture can count to, but the Jets aren't to be taken lightly right now. They've played relatively well since the pile of injuries happened and counting them out now would be a mistake.

Have yourself a Postma Pardy!: Hey Sharks? Here's a helpful hint for you: If you see Paul Postma and/or Adam Pardy on the ice, you know something bad's about to happen for the Jets. Take advantage of the fact that these individuals are prone to making large mistakes and capitalize on their errors. Please do this, honestly. Do us all a favor and expose their weaknesses.

Q: What do sharks order at McDonald's?

A: A quarter-flounder with cheese

Players to Boo Mercilessly


Jets win 4-2.

Sharks are not happy.

Tomas Hertl's sad face is heartbreaking.