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Top Guns: Winnipeg Jets Defensive Best Pointscorers

We take a look at some of the Jets top performers in underlying statistics, while also showing where their two UFA additions may fit.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past three seasons, underlying numbers have increased greatly in understanding for the general public. At the same time, Winnipeg has enjoyed three seasons of the Jets second edition as a NHL franchise.

In this mini-series, Arctic Ice Hockey takes a look at how the Jets' roster has performed in these metrics relative to each other in finding the best of the best.

In this edition, we combine goal scoring and assists, and simply look at point totals. Nice and easy... well except we take into account ice time.

Top Pointscorers

Player P/60
Dustin Byfuglien (3yr) 1.20
Dustin Byfuglien (2yr) 1.19
Jacob Trouba 1.12
Grant Clitsome 0.90
Zach Bogosian 0.83
Tobias Enstrom 0.81
Mark Stuart 0.59
Paul Postma 0.56
Adam Pardy* 0.45
Keaton Ellerby* 0.44

*Pardy's and Ellerby's numbers are only for their 2013-14 season, due to being new additions to the Jets


* Byfuglien comes out as reining king. It's interesting to note (as we've hinted earlier in the series) that Byfuglien's 5v5 point scoring per minute wasn't changed this season for the most part. What changed was the goal-to-assist ratio and a huge decrease in 5v5 ice time.

* Jacob Trouba's numbers are once again very promising, even with his overly high personal and on-ice shooting percentages.

* Clitsome, Bogosian, and Enstrom all create offense at formable numbers.

* Stuart's offensive game is not great by any means, but he picks up points at a non-zero pace. He's better than a depth defenseman.

* Postma is interesting since his 5v5 goal scoring rates and AHL numbers are super high, but his 5v5 point numbers have been lacking relative to his skill-set. Is this just due to his extremely low sample? Is this due to the forwards he usually lines up with? Combination?

* Again, Pardy and Ellerby show that they are nothing more than depth defensemen.