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FlightZone: Can the Jets Make the Playoffs

Tait questions the Jets ability to make the post-season, Selanne almost signed in Winnipeg, and Phil Kessel doesn't cause the Leafs to lose.

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Marianne Helm

Are the playoffs a reasonable expectation for the Winnipeg Jets?

Paul Maurice's comments and the full video from his press conference yesterday.

Teemu Selanne was not impressed with Bruce Boudreau.

A Bob McKenzie endorsed piece on what new season resolutions all hockey fans should agree to.

The Toronto Maple Leafs brings their wingers too low to get out of the zone effectively.

The Boston Bruins are in salary cap hell and still have two key players to sign.

Randy Carlyle has to change and it does not seem like he is capable of changing.

BREAKING: Phil Kessel isn't why the Toronto Maple Leafs lose.

Marc-Eduard Vlasic is a really good defenceman.

More on the Ryan Johansen contract negotiations and hey! a new offer has been made by Johansen's camp.

Who are some comparables for Johansen on a bridge deal?

Could Nathan MacKinnon score 40 goals this year?

Kimmo Timmonen does not think he will play this season after suffering from blood clots this offseason.

Nathan Horton is hurt again. This is not a recording.

The Hartford Whalers are gone, but not forgotten.

Neutral zone scores and a new way of ranking defencemen.