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Winnipeg Jets Worst Case Scenario: Match-Up 2

Marianne Helm

If you have no clue what this is, you should probably check out the latest episode of the JetStream Podcast first.  For those of you in know though, here is match-up number two of the "Winnipeg Jets Worst Case Scenario" showdown!


Yesterday we saw 'Trading Evander Kane' take a huge lead over a 'Good Year for Pavelec', and today we ask you what would be worse:

AHL-demotion worthy seasons from Jacob Trouba and Mark Scheifele


A serious injury to one of Tobias Enstrom or Jacob Trouba

Brief introductions to each side of the debate were made during this week's episode of JetStream, but here's a quick reminder of some of the points made (both positive and negative) for each side:

AHL-Demotion Worthy Seasons

  • Would have to raise questions as to what kind of (and how good of) a player Mark Scheifele really is
  • Would start raising questions in regards to Chevy's drafting ability
  • Would create some concern around Jacob Trouba's development
  • Would create some huge holes in the lineup
  • Could force Chevy into taking action and making beneficial moves to improve the team
  • May result in increased chances of drafting higher and getting Connor McDavid

Serious Injury to Trouba or Enstrom

  • Would create a gigantic hole in an already shaky defensive group
  • Likely results in Pavelec having an even tougher time than usual
  • Would cause some questions to be raised in regards to Trouba's development
  • Would generate 'injury prone' discussions about either player
  • If early in the season, could result in rushing the development of Josh Morrissey
  • Could also force Chevy into taking action and making beneficial moves to improve the defense
  • May result in Byfuglien moving back to defense
  • Could increase the chances of a tank, and therefore Connor McDavid

So What Do You Think?

Which is it Jets fans? Would AHL-worthy seasons from Scheifele and Trouba, or a serious injury to either Trouba or Enstrom be worse for the Jets? Be sure to vote in the poll below, tweet at us using #JetStream, and state your case for which you think would be worse!