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FlightZone: Kid for a Kid?

Should the Jets only trade Kane for another young star?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Would it be reasonable for the Jets to trade Evander Kane for someone like Ryan O'Reilly?

Ken Wiebe gives the Jets a C- in their offseason so far.

Mike Johnston met up with Sidney Crosby and they talked. Big, I know.

According to Trevor Linden the fundamentals of hockey haven't changed in 100 years.

How can a hockey team control their odds a bit better? By being smart.

Detroit is the next city that will be ripped off to build an arena for a rich guy when Detroit has no money.

Steve Burtch has created dCorsi. This is for all you nerds.

Don't lead the league in hits.

Florida has hired someone to look into getting the Panthers out of the lease agreement if relocation happens.

Signing Derek Roy and Mike Ribeiro were two really smart signings for the Nashville Predators.