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Le Pac's Cartoons: The Trials of Evander Kane

We introduce a new feature at Arctic Ice Hockey: hockey cartoons.

We are happy to note that the brilliant artist known as Le Pac will forward any of his Jet related work to be featured here at Arctic Ice Hockey. As a Chicago Blackhawks fan, he often illustrates on subjects related to the Hawks, but as a member of Conference III (AKA Central Division) he also has a large amount of Winnipeg Jets exposure to draw from.

When sending this to me he wanted to say hello to AIH's readership. He also mentioned -for the good of the Hawks- to continue defending Pavelec as an awesome goaltender who is elite.


Check out Le Pac's twitter for more hockey cartoon fun.

For those who haven't seen Le Pac's work before, there are a few reoccurring themes from his other work seen in this image.