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The Night That Was: Curtain Call on Broadway

The Pittsburgh Penguins have the New York Rangers on the brink of elimination.

"We are score"-Malkin to Crosby
"We are score"-Malkin to Crosby
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport


Pittsburgh Penguins 4 New York Rangers 2

Pittsburgh was dominate again against New York. This is something that was unexpected as New York was a far more dominate possession team in the regular season. What changed? Pittsburgh combined the super powers of Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby at their request and then the floodgates opened for the Pens possession wise. There may be more to this. There probably is more to this, but right now this is all I got. Pittsburgh leads the series 3-1. Game five goes Friday at 6:00 CST.


Rick Nash was a hired hand and he is really struggling to score goals right now.

Sean Gentille also tackles the Rick Nash question. I am sad to say that Nash is not a zombie.

Crosby and Malkin being line mates is only a thing because of Jussi Jokinen. Did you know Pittsburgh got him for free 50% off?

Another day, another article on P.K. Subban. This one is from Chris Johnston.

Another Subban article today! Adam Gretz has a lot of superlatives to say about P.K. Subban.

J.J. From Kansas at Winging it in Motown looks at the legalities of having a handshake agreement. Maybe there is work for Mister Olli Jokinen after all.

From PuckDaddy; the failings in the NHL's quiet room protocol from the mouth of James Wisneiwski.

Eric T. delves into puck retrieval when teams play dump and chase hockey.

Kevin McCartney at JetsNation breaks down the usage of Winnipeg Jets defenders.

Joe Haggerty wrote…something after game three and thankfully J.R. Lind over at III Communication got the PDF of the original story.

Non-hockey link: Toronto Raptors general manager Masai Ujiri spoke out on Nigeria's kidnapped girls as Nigeria is his homeland.